Radiography staffing vacancies running at ‘healthy’ 5% in Scotland


Thanks to another Scottish Labour parliamentary question we can see that radiography staffing vacancies are, on average, running at 5.02%. The average UK employee turnover rate is around 15%. In Higher Education it’s 11%.

I suspect that level would be pretty de-stabilising, in the health service, but are vacancies running at 5% not a good thing, enabling some movement to allow promotion and the appointment of newly trained staff? If there were no vacancies at all, as was the case in schools in the early 80s, we’d hear plenty complaints about that.







2 thoughts on “Radiography staffing vacancies running at ‘healthy’ 5% in Scotland

  1. Alasdair Macdonald April 17, 2019 / 8:34 pm

    The heid bummer of the radiographers union for the Highland area is a ‘go to’ person for the BBC wanting to get scary quotes.Highland and Grampian have the highest vacancy rates (from your table). But, these are areas, especially the rural parts, which, historically have found recruitment difficult. A number of incentives have been tried over the years. It would be better if the radiographers’ union and others engaged in trying to develop collaborative solutions.

    Shortages in the sparsely populated areas of Scotland has had a fair publicity on the BBC, at the expense of the context of the densely populated central belt and east coast.


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