MORE THAN 99.99% of Police Scotland call-outs handled properly! It’s not good enough says Tory MSP!


 Here’s the 14th paragraph in the iNews report today. Our other NoMedia had the same information:

policedrrorstelegtaph policerrorsSun

Well down and far away from cursory readers and headline limiters:

‘Over the 18-month period, Police Scotland dealt with 3,425,123 emergency and non-emergency calls, meaning that the notable incidents equated to fewer than 0.006 per cent.’

They all opened with ‘in the public interest of course’, this:

‘Police Scotland call handlers and control rooms made almost 200 serious mistakes in the space of 18 months, including dozens of cases where officers were sent to the wrong address. The national force recorded 182 “notable incidents” between August 2017 and December last year, according to figures published following a Freedom of Information request.’

Liam Kerr, MSP, said: “This research sets out scores of cases which, frankly, should never have happened”.

Kerr is of course correct in his use of ‘scores’. There were ‘nine score and two’ as they used to say in the Old Testament.

Kerr Might have said in the voice of Spike Milligan: ’What? 99.994%? It’s not good enough! Go out and get some more.’



3 thoughts on “MORE THAN 99.99% of Police Scotland call-outs handled properly! It’s not good enough says Tory MSP!

  1. gavin April 17, 2019 / 9:13 am

    Perspective. Contrast. Fairness. Truth and accuracy. Impartiality, named sources.
    Alas, these are concepts not recognised in the ” School of Colonial Journalism”, where BBC Hootsman (and all the rest) recruit from.

    They think BALANCE is the name of a trainer shoe.

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      • gavin April 17, 2019 / 3:30 pm

        Yes. Its near to the Piazza *McAveenie of the Pies* and the fountain of the *Dusky Girls* where, if you toss in your loose change, you get a Party membership in return of post—with a FREE Kenneth Williams poster for your bedroom!

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