Scottish renewable energy at record levels




6 thoughts on “Scottish renewable energy at record levels

  1. Alan Gordon March 28, 2019 / 7:11 pm

    Another reason to be independent and cheerful.


  2. Contrary March 28, 2019 / 8:43 pm

    I just so wish more people were aware of news like this. It’s a bit like you have to force good news about Scotland down some people’s throats, while they lap up the toxic MSM take on things. The people that avoid anything that has the word ‘independence’ attached to it, like they are scared of being influenced then convinced that independence is good,,, not realising the irony of their stance – if the union is the best thing, there is nothing to be scared of and there will be plenty of counter arguments (no I haven’t heard any either.)

    Take the radio yesterday or this morning, radio Scotland, that harbinger of doom: they reported on a poll saying ‘only 7% of people are satisfied with the government’s handling of brexit’ (I’m paraphrasing and can’t remember the number, but that’s not my point) – what an odd way to report it – but, of course, what is it you remember from that phrase? The word ‘satisfied’. Government. People satisfied. I wonder how many people bothered to calculate the number dissatisfied? If you say ‘90% dissatisfied’ – you remember ‘large number’ and ‘dissatisfied’, and being shocked. If you wanted to shock people and give them titillating news items,,, would you not use the latter,,,? Ah, the good ol BBC.


  3. Terry callachan March 29, 2019 / 12:17 am

    So we produced 26708 GWh and exported 24379 GWh in 2018, wow .
    It is said 26708 is two and half what we need a year so we need roughly 10700 GWh a year.
    So if we only retained 2329 GWh of what we produced in 2018 where did the rest come from to reach the 10700 GWh we need per year ?
    Did we import ?
    Please tell me we do not export and import the same stuff

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  4. Ludo Thierry March 29, 2019 / 5:41 pm

    Hi Terry – Mathematical calculations are not my forte – but – the figures released yesterday describe Scotland’s ‘net exports’ of electricity. So: Net exports =
    Total exports minus total imports

    If a country’s exports exceed its imports, the net export figure will be positive. Conversely, if imports are greater than exports, the net export figure will be negative. If a country has negative net exports, it is said to be running a trade deficit.

    Scotland is not running a trade deficit in electricity – No sir – it is running a massive trade surplus (now – I wonder – who might be the customer for all that surplus generation?).

    These figures are unalloyed good news re. the operation of the Scottish economy in terms of electricity generation and sales (and much of it sustainable electricity to boot!).

    There are, of course, other power generation sources in Scotland (other than sustainable generation) – nuclear is a big one (currently).

    Scotland does indeed import electricity at times – that is how the interconnectors work – moving power around the networks to try and cover current (no pun intended) demands. At times Scotland will be ‘importing’ and at times Scotland will be ‘exporting’. Match the total figures together and you are left with a massive ‘net export’ from Scotland to our neighbours (one neighbour in particular).

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