Encouraging social work trends



By Ludo Thierry:

Interesting and newly minted stats on the news.gov.scot website this morning concerning Children’s Social Work issues – seem to be a fair few numbers showing an encouraging set of trends: Link and snippets below:


– an estimated 14,738 children were looked after in 2018, a decrease of one per cent from 2017, and the sixth consecutive year of decline

– the number of children starting to become looked after decreased in 2017-18, while the number ceasing to be looked after increased compared with 2016-17.

– of the estimated 6,109 care leavers eligible for aftercare services on 31 July 2018, 62% were known to be receiving aftercare

– the number of children on the child protection register increased slightly in 2018 to an estimated 2,668, but remains lower than the recent peak recorded in 2014

– around half of children registered were on the child protection register for less than six months, while 16% were registered for a year or more

– 85 young people were in secure care accommodation at the end of July 2018. The average number of young people placed in secure care accommodation during 2017-18 was 81, up from 76 during the previous year. If placements from the rest of the UK are excluded, the average number of young people placed in secure care from Scotland fell by 18% compared to last year

(From the figures I’m assuming that the welcome reduction (18% over the past year) of young people from Scotland in secure care accommodation is allowing the relevant Scottish agencies to be helpful to our friends and neighbours in the non-Scottish parts of the UK and offer some capacity in Scotland to host some of this client group which require very considerable and highly specialist support).


One thought on “Encouraging social work trends

  1. Ludo Thierry March 26, 2019 / 5:36 pm

    Hi John – you have been v. kind in turning a post of mine into an article so, hopefully, it is OK if I use this space to draw folks’ attention to an interesting wee article on BfS site regarding the future potential for commercial sale of water to the non-Scottish parts of UK to help our neighbours address the real problems over future water supplies which they are facing.


    Interestingly, one of the items mentioned in the recent ONS statistics concerning the Natural Capital of Scotland was that 2017 had been a record low year for the abstraction of water for the public supply – partly due to the reduction in leakage. Scottish water report that they are investing £3.5 Billion between 2015 – 2021 in their infrastructure. (Whilst managing to limit the increase in water Charge to 1.6% across all council tax bands). There ain’t half a lot to be said for keeping water in public ownership.


    This is yet another example of the Scottish focussed SNP Scottish Govt keeping their eye on the ball and fighting off all the multiple (nefarious) plots to privatise Scottish Water – keeping the investment tap flowing and preparing the ground for a future industry of potentially huge significance commercially (and of great value in promoting good social and political relationships with our island neighbours post-Indy).


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