Dundee is best in Europe!


I know that Dundee, Independence City, has its challenges so I’m always up for reporting good news there.

From Insider today:

‘Video games degrees at Abertay University in Dundee have been ranked best in Europe for the fifth year in succession. The influential Princeton Review again rated Abertay as number one in Europe for undergraduate level games courses, with the university also breaking into the world top 10 at postgraduate level. This follows the recent launch of the £12 million InGAME partnership, which is led by Abertay and aims to undertake research and development with the games industry in Dundee, and across the UK.’


It’s been a while since the Dundee meme appeared so see these many earlier reports of good things going on:

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One thought on “Dundee is best in Europe!

  1. Legerwood March 15, 2019 / 8:03 pm

    Dundee is fortunate in its Universities. Dundee University is a world leader in the Life Sciences which is also an important sector in Scotland as a whole



    Dundee tucked away in its wee corner often seems to be overlooked but is quietly getting on with things. The opening of the V&A with all its attendant publicity, and high visitor numbers, has certainly made people more aware of Dundee and what it has to offer.


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