More on organ transplants in Scotland

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Noticed these extremely impressive stats on organ donation in Scotland over the past decade on today – but searched in vain for any glimmer of a mention on beeb Scotland site. Link and snippets below:

Latest on proposed opt-out system.

A Bill to introduce a soft opt-out system of organ and tissue donation for deceased donors will be debated in Parliament today.

Members will be asked to agree to the general principles of the Human Tissue (Authorisation) (Scotland) Bill.

Under the proposed opt-out system, if an adult does not proactively opt in nor out of donation they may be deemed to have authorised donation for transplantation. The Bill includes safeguards to ensure that donation will not go ahead where it would be clearly against the person’s wishes.

The opt-out system will add to the package of measures which have led to significant increases in donation and transplantation over the last decade.


The Human Tissue (Authorisation) (Scotland) Bill amends the existing Scottish legislation that supports donation by introducing a new, additional form of authorisation called ‘deemed authorisation’. This means that donation may proceed, where a person was not known to have any objection to donation.

Less than 1% of people die in circumstances that enable organ donation to proceed, as a potential donor usually has to be in an intensive care unit and there may be medical reasons that mean organs are unsuitable for transplantation.

Since 2008 in Scotland there has been:
An 89% increase in the number of people who donated organs after their death (54 to 102 in 2017/18).A 78% increase in the number of lifesaving transplant operations from deceased donors (211 to 375 in 2017/18).
A 22% decrease in the number of people on the active transplant waiting list (689 to 534 in 2017/18).

Real improvements in real people’s lives over a sustained period – that never seems to fit in with beeb Scotland’s news/current affairs agenda does it?


2 thoughts on “More on organ transplants in Scotland

  1. Alasdair Macdonald February 26, 2019 / 6:25 pm

    There was brief reference to Scotland on the main BBC site (Health Page) in the context of the Bill passed by Westminster (It seems they actually do some proper non Brexit business as well as Brexit posturing). However, I could find nothing on any of the Scottish pages with regard to the current discussions at Holyrood.


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