Only three parents write to Swinney or Sturgeon about P1 testing and none report a child stressed


The applicants asked for the following information: ‘for any letters or emails from parents to John Swinney or Nicola Sturgeon on P1 testing/assessment from 1 September 2018 to 23 January 2019.’

Parent 1:

I showed the pictures to [redacted – exemption applies] and asked if he remembered doing this test and he said yes that he’d done it twice, at the beginning of the year and then at the end. He thought it was really fun! Said he did it on the iPad with his teacher, she told him he did really well. I knew he’d be tested in the year and was told it was only to identify learning gaps or difficulties for the teacher.

Parent 2:

I write as a mother of a P1 pupil in our local comprehensive school with a plea to scrap the relatively new practice of testing children at this stage in their schooling. All evidence points to the results having no validity and serves only to put unnecessary and damaging pressure on our youngest at a vulnerable and impressionable part of their lives.

No mention of their child’s actual reaction is offered.

Parent 3:

As a parent who has a son who had in his early years special educational needs I understand and fully appreciate the need and requirement for proper assessment in order to ensure his development.

Again, no mention is made of the child’s reaction.

So, not much evidence of stress-out parents or children?


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