SNP benefits from civil war in Labour and between Len McCluskey and Scottish unions?

Unite, the largest union in the UK, has just published a glowing commendation of the SNP on its website:

‘Unite, the UK’s construction union, is strongly backing a consultation by the Scottish government which would make the term electrician a protected title. Unite believes that such a measure would dramatically reduce unqualified workers installing electrical equipment which would boost public confidence and safety. Unite national officer for construction Bernard McAulay said: “This is an excellent and much needed initiative. If we can ensure that these measures are passed in Scotland, Unite is committed to campaigning for the whole of the UK to introduce protected status for all electricians to be graded as approved electricians through the industries recognised S/JIB bodies.”’

An Scottish Labour spokesman has informed TuS that the branch leader has described this as a ‘reckless move, putting the UK at risk, by Unite’s Len McCluskey and Jeremy Corbyn in an attempt to punish Unison, the GMB and Richard Leonard for a ‘misunderstanding.’

Dat fooking Dicky, ah’ll fooking ave im!

The ‘misunderstanding’ is explained in this from The Red Roar in May 2018:

‘Scottish Labour Leader, Richard Leonard was the subject of a well-briefed hatchet job in The Canary following Wendy Nichols’ election as vice-chair of Labour’s National Executive Committee. The alt-left site described “Leonard’s choice to align himself with the Labour right” as “political suicide.”

UNISON and the GMB have been more willing to break ranks with Unite in selection campaigns after McCluskey was re-elected by an extremely slender margin over challenger Gerard Coyne last year, damaging his authority. Coyne’s ongoing legal challenge has brought up allegations of cheating against McCluskey, such as preventing his opponents in last year’s contest from contacting Unite members, making it more difficult for all sides to trust his commitment to rules and fair play.’

This schism within Unite and UK Labour helps us to understand the recent campaigns by Scottish Labour and the GMB to exploit care workers and teachers in pointless strike action against the Scottish Government.

Finally, a Unite spokesman, from Liverpool, has told TuS:

‘We don’t give a fook about Scottish independence one way or another and we’re not dat bothered abaht Brexit neither. Our priority is to get any cohnts that cross us. So, if being nice to de SNP hurts dat posh cohnt Lenoard or dose disloyal cohnts in Unison and de GMB, den we’ll be nice to the SNP.’






5 thoughts on “SNP benefits from civil war in Labour and between Len McCluskey and Scottish unions?

  1. Bugger (the Panda) January 31, 2019 / 11:30 am

    Almost believeable

    Strange times indeed.

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  2. Alan Gordon January 31, 2019 / 11:31 am

    If the analysis is correct this is a very smart move by the Scottish Government. Akin to getting the DUP to sign up for something with the offer of a free flute and tuition. The electrical trade associations have been very protecting of their training standards for decades, resisting the moves for ever shorter apprentice training routes. This offer of government recognition of their standards, would have been on their “tick” list. Any disturbance to the gonads of GMB, Leonard and the rest brings a smile to my face. Shades of schadenfreude, again?

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  3. Robert Graham January 31, 2019 / 4:54 pm

    The shop steward is a total liability , he has so much historical baggage that cant be covered up, his involvement with the equal pay dispute in Glasgow where he is right at the centre ,this alone should have finished him for good when the women involved had to take his union to court .

    I cant understand why Nicola Sturgeon is going so easy on this obvious clown who still doesn’t understand the wee stick in front of him is a microphone and he doesn’t have to shout and dance about like a demented chicken maybe she believes he is more to be pitied than laughed at,

    Personally i would go for the throat and stop being so nice to all these unionists , who just turn up for a moan most of them dont want to be there anyway .

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  4. Hugh Wallace February 1, 2019 / 8:54 pm

    You know, this article might just have persuaded me to join Unite as the least bad of three to choose from…


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