‘Reporting Scotland’ persists with lies and sensationalism about deaths in hospital

Reporter Lisa Summers says wrongly that two death were as a result of infection

It’s now four days since Reporting Scotland began telling lies about the deaths of two patients in Glasgow’s new hospital. In what seems to be another event in a long campaign to damage the reputation of the hospital and, by proxy, the Scottish Government, they have headlined the story for four days in succession.

We know from their own website that one death was due to ‘unrelated causes’ and, tonight, we heard that in the other, the fungal infection had been ‘contributory’. See this:

‘The health board said one of the patients was elderly and had died from an unrelated cause. The factors contributing to the death of the other patient are being investigated.’


Despite this, in an extended report overweight with tangential information including and extended interview with two people who had seen pigeons, Lisa Summers said:

‘It became clear that two patients had died as a result of this particular infection.’

This is patently untrue. In one case, the patient absolutely did not die as ‘a result of’ the infection. In the other it was as, Lisa put it, ‘contributy’ (sic). The infection was found in the blood stream of the second patient but clearly this death was also not ‘as a result of’ the infection

Finally, how contributory was the infection? In the absence of the actual wording of the post mortem report we are left in the dark. How many direct causal factors were there? How determining of the outcome were they? How many other contributory factors were there? How much of a contribution to the outcome did the infection make?

The role of pigeon-derived infection in this story get smaller the more you think about it.





4 thoughts on “‘Reporting Scotland’ persists with lies and sensationalism about deaths in hospital

  1. bigjon999 January 23, 2019 / 8:10 am

    They’re still banging on about it this morning (23rd Jan). They must reckon this is the story to bring down the essennpeebad government…

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  2. Contrary January 23, 2019 / 8:58 am

    If they are doing overwhelming coverage on this, they must be trying to obscure something else,,, but there could be so many things in that category, who could guess what?

    Even GMS radio Scotland didn’t claim two deaths by cryptococcus! They should be hauled over the coals for that kind of reporting. GMS is going for the ‘it’s a new building so should have no infections getting in’ even after being told the secondary infection rate is less than the national average. I’m sorry, but NO hospital, however old the building, should have these risks – and there is ALWAYS going to be some level of things getting in however good the filtration systems, because people go tramping in and out with their dirty shoes, unwashed hands, grubby clothes etc. Think about it next time you go visit a hospital – did you take your shoes off at the door? Do you know what you stepped on with those shoes?… Anyway, they are still investigating the closed filtration system that they suspect might be the carrier. Yes, we would like it to be perfect, but they are working on it – this event has been blown out of all proportion. And it is the fault of the SNP government because they built a shiny new hospital (without PFI, so not lining any undeserving pockets) and caused the whole thing. Sigh.

    Then we had Alyn Smyth MEP being interviewed. I like Alyn Smith, but he is sooooo conservative – I know that the SNP is an artificial group of all ranging of political leanings bound together by one purpose (independence), so there is necessary dilution and a range of views on how things should be done. He said he didn’t think we should call for an independence ref until we know where the EU and UK is going regarding Brexit, so we can have practical policies on both – eh?? It’s never going to be clear! Yes that might be the ideal, but are we so bereft of ideas that we can’t have a standalone set of policies that cover most bases? The SNP are trying to prove themselves as a mainstream political party, but can’t get away from thinking in the parochial, Westminster led mindset? Bah. Well, I suppose that does make them a mainstream political party. Sigh.

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  3. tcrosbie20 January 23, 2019 / 9:12 am

    This just gets worse and worse, is there no mechanism to bring these people to book for there downright lies, th BBC just don’t care anymore. The new policy is lets try and brain wash the apathetic masses, they’ll not double check the story for facts. Hopefully there is enough apathy out there to get away with it. Its just blatant lying, and there not even trying to cover it, disgusting.

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  4. Colin McCartney January 26, 2019 / 9:11 pm

    Personally I believe these unfortunate people died from too much exposure to bbc Scotland !

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