Instead of pigeon poo crises

From Contrary:

Instead of pigeon poo crises, maybe our good old BBC should be usefully informing people of support and funding that’s available?


Carers are often isolated so they maybe need a decent broadcasting service more that most.

Instead of reporting on the latest terrible terrible occurrence (where did they find the one guy that complained about the pigeon poo? I mean, it shouldn’t have been ignored, but usually you need a few complaints to get things moving…) why aren’t they telling us what is actually happening? The dissemination of information is so very poor in this country – you would think they would be able to report actual things that are useful to people without it interfering with their BritNat stance.

That is one of the interesting things though, eh? It would not have taken that much, say, for example, sticking to the actual treaty of union, for Scotland to think things were okay enough (being spineless we’d have put up with it), but then westminster can’t even do democracy properly, and it has degenerated to not being able to even pretend to be able to. Anyway, things have always been and always will be intolerable while we are tied in with westminster rule in any form. Ah, I’m digressing – what I was going to say, is they can’t seem to see that actually being positive and supporting makes them seem okay, the constant shitty reporting just gives us more reason to despise what we are part of.

I saw somewhere that the DWP has spent £4 billion EXTRA on ensuring disabled people suffer… great cost cutting there guys.


3 thoughts on “Instead of pigeon poo crises

  1. Contrary January 22, 2019 / 4:34 pm

    Are you SURE using ‘pigeon poo’ in the title was the best choice?! Sigh.


  2. Contrary January 22, 2019 / 11:42 pm

    Getting away from pigeon poo, I left this comment on Peter A Bell’s blog – baring in mind these are just ideas for a bit of creative thinking, I am not seriously considering the outcome of the next indyref will be anything other than a positive one,
    You know, I think the strategy, or thinking, of this indyref being the ‘be all and all’ is not the right approach – it would be a massive disappointment if independence was not achieved – but, really, say we passed a law that the Scottish people had to be asked if they wanted independence every five years, a mundane repetitive thing then, but normalising referendums and the choice, then we would not feel the panic. A NO vote would not be the end of the world, you lay low for a couple of years and start it up again. Yes it’ll be shit, but it always has been, with Westminster in charge.

    With devolution, as long as we get to keep that part – if we don’t, I was thinking of a mass protest of not paying any taxes to the uk, it wouldn’t be very massive with just me doing it and no clue how to do it, so if anyone knows any good lawyers and accountants and has an interest please feel free to steal the idea – I don’t suggest not paying any taxes, but say we all go self employed, and put the equivalent taxes away for a future independent Scotland – effectively a treasury in waiting, so that without our devolved government, the only way that money goes anywhere is if Scotland becomes independent, we could use one or two of those handy tax havens Westminster has so many of. Ah, I digress. Yes, if the devolved government continues to put in place laws on land ownership, progresses to broadcasting, chips away at the BritNat structures, we will get independence in the future – it is what every normal country wants after all. Yes, tedious, long winded, and more opportunity for the BritNat establishment to grind us down – but it will happen.

    How to change the opinion of people still stuck in British empire glory? What is it that stops them seeing reason, and listening to it? I suppose it takes all sorts to make up the world, but it is disappointing that we have so many people that can’t seem to allow themselves to be open minded – why do they delude themselves and somehow believe the unique incapability of Scotland to be a whole nation again? I think only the scaremongering tactics similar to that were used against us in 2014 would have any impact there. We need an asteroid impact in the event of NO,,,

    And I wholly agree, time for the pro-independence politicians and leadership to grow a backbone, the time should be about now, for decisive action.

    I am sure most people have seen Craig’s exciting revelations about the civil service in Scotland affair, interesting stuff about how much the legal people actually investigated – but took no further?

    If anyone, however, starts ranting on about how feminists are all out to get you, I will be unkind. Unfortunately, Craig’s character assassination of Nicola Sturgeon (warranted or not) is predicated on the the fact he assumes all feminists are in it together, out to attack men in any way possible, are a bunch of backstabbing humourless witches with no concept of ethics. His whole premise of how Nicola is in cahoots with the evil of the civil service, is because they are all feminists. Way to go Craig, you’ve just set equal right back a decade or two, time for women to get back in their box, perhaps? He could have said nearly anything to support his view and I’d have looked kindly on it, anything except, they’re all a bunch of feminists so of course they’re in cahoots. I am fairly enraged.

    But, if people really are getting fed up of Nicola being in charge of the SNP (she does have a few weirdo ideas on which polititians she admires), I was thinking about who I’d vote for leadership next – I’d considered Alyn Smith MEP (he’s on radio Scotland at the back of 8 tomorrow btw), but reckon he’s a bit young, needs a few more years to mature. My current fav is Michael Russell, but I wonder if he could take the flak of the position? Anyone else? I am not a particular Joanna Cherry fan, she lacks a certain amount of the charisma required. There may not be time to get new leadership before the next independence campaign anyway (or, at least, there should not be).

    Anyway, I think it’s time to compose that letter to my MP, or MSP,,, when I get a minute.


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