Once again NHS Scotland’s A&E outperforms even itself despite increased demand!


86.4% of 26 000 patients were seen within 4 hours in the first week of January 2019. This compares very favourably with January 2018 when only 77.8% of just over 25 000 were seen in 4 hours.

Note: I have used BBC Scotland editorial guidelines in rounding the numbers above.

No January figures are available for NHS England but, in December 2018, only 79.3% were seen in 4 hours.




3 thoughts on “Once again NHS Scotland’s A&E outperforms even itself despite increased demand!

  1. Robert Graham January 15, 2019 / 11:58 pm

    Having been a recipient of the services of NHS Scotland over the last month it appears to me the ones complaining about the Services dont really care about the work being done to save lives and the dedication of the staff providing these life saving services , all they care about are figures they are fixated with numbers ,

    The language being used borders on the Hysterical at times , the same goes for the Police , Education , railways total over the top nonsense all being peddled by this useless media we have in Scotland , the headline writers of these rags should be arrested for attempting to cause panic ,

    The common theme amongst the patents i was in hospital with was thank Christ we are not like the USA and their health care system because we would all have been bankrupt and having to sell our houses to pay for our treatment and we were all amazed by the sheer size and amount of new state of the art machines that have been installed, The NHS in Scotland a valued asset we will allow to be dismantled and sold for for profit at our pearl its too important .

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