SNP Government driving fewer Scots to serious drinking


In 2017/18, the alcohol-related stay rate per 100,000 population in general acute hospitals was 668.3, a 2.5% decrease compared to the previous year (685.4). There has been a general decline in alcohol-related stays since 2007/08.

The first SNP government was sworn in on 16 May 2007. I know it’s only a correlation, or is it? Look at these faces and see how you feel.

jack Wendy

iangrey kezia.png


How do we compare with the rest of Europe? Contrary to English stand-up comedians, we were by no means the drunk man of Europe, even in 2010 as the calming effects of life, under the SNP, could only have begun to have impact.alcoholeurpoemap





4 thoughts on “SNP Government driving fewer Scots to serious drinking

  1. bigjon999 November 24, 2018 / 1:19 pm

    On slightly different health related issue (out -of -hours cover) the linked article is interesting. Imagine if this was Scotland and only 2 GPs were left in charge of the whole population north of the central belt… The “independent” media would have a field day and even more so the SNHS-bad-BBC.
    Shows just how desperate the situation is south of the border.

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  2. William Henderson November 26, 2018 / 10:48 am

    “SNP Government driving fewer Scots to serious drinking”

    And with one letter Theresa has undone the good work of years!

    She refers to her ‘country’ meaning the UK while the rest of the world defines the United Kingdom as a political union of two countries, a principality and a province. What a nerve!

    Can anyone think of a way to get England to declare independence from the rest of us?


  3. GentlemansFamilyFinances November 27, 2018 / 11:06 am

    Still too many if you ask me.

    One good sign is.that the young now drink less than older generations at the same age (due to many factors like better education on the dangers of drugs, higher costs of alcohol and less disposable income/ financial worries).

    It is the middle aged middle class binge drinker at home that is the real problem noe- the respectable rosé swilling red nosed functioning alcoholics that we all know of that are the biggest problem. They arent put off by the 50p/unit of alcohol pricing floor and statistically drunk the most. The poor working classes on the whole can’t afford to drink enough to cause illnesses or have jobs that preclude turning up a little hungover/still pissed. Sort this disgraceful health epidemic of middle class substance abuse out and we might get back to the healthier Thatcher days (going by that graph anyway).


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