Anon Herald online writer’s aim is true but Steven Naysmith had already scored at the other end! BBC and STV cameras not at game

 3e03ea7b-2a78-4c82-b3f4-d85de35d4a48  Halstead in Essex

In the Herald today:

It’s labelled as an Online article. Does that mean it did not make the print version’s different audience? It has no author credited. Does that mean no one wanted to be associated with good news for Scotland? It’s behind the paywall but you can read the content at the Halstead Gazette from deep in Tory Essex. Here are the key points:

Workers in Scotland are less likely to earn under the Living Wage than those anywhere else in the UK outside the south east of England, new research indicates.

The real Living Wage currently sits at £8.75 per hour outside London, where it is £10.20 per hour.

A study conducted by IHS Markit for professional services firm KPMG, found 19% of employees in Scotland earned under the Living Wage, compared to 22% across the UK as a whole.

The area where workers were most likely not to be paid the voluntary rate was joint between Northern Ireland and the East Midlands, both at 26%.

Scotland has the lowest proportion of female workers earning under the Living Wage at 22%, compared to 27% across the UK, however the UK figure remains 10 percentage points above that of male workers.

But, but, but. Don’t get carried away. Things are of course worse than it seems, and Steven Naysayer is the man to convert things. Yesterday, if you’d been paying attention, you’d have seen the downside to Scotland’s workers getting the living wage. Here it is:


The content of the piece was predictable:

‘Care charities are facing a crisis over implementing the living wage, because of the chaotic way the Scottish Government policy has been introduced, a new report has revealed.’

The ‘crisis’ is of course a crisis because the charities say it is and the ‘chaotic’ handling by the Scottish government should read: ‘Show us the money!’ So, paying less than the charities want is evidence of chaos?

Our Nomedia have, of course, ignored this story just as they did these earlier pieces of good news on wages in Scotland:

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  1. William Henderson November 5, 2018 / 9:09 am

    “Cold as charity” comes to mind.

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