Supporting Grouse Beater: Watch out for crowd-funding appeal



8 thoughts on “Supporting Grouse Beater: Watch out for crowd-funding appeal

  1. Sora L November 1, 2018 / 10:03 am

    Oh yes please! #bringspopcorn

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  2. david November 1, 2018 / 12:32 pm

    yep. Take ’em down.

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  3. Graham MacLure November 1, 2018 / 5:10 pm

    If GB decides on a crowd funder, and I believe he should, I’ m in. I don’t think GB should fund this himself as it is in the public interest that newspapers and those who use them as tools of deception are held to account.

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  4. Contrary November 2, 2018 / 9:48 pm

    I’m definitely in too.

    I haven’t read GBs essays in a wee while so it was good to go and look at his stuff again. It was a very good article.

    If you step back and look at all that’s been happening for the last wee while, particularly attacks on independent bloggers, it just looks weird. Total weirdo behaviour. And Grouse Beater was very right to bring up the behaviour of the fascist state – there are too many similarities in the UK now.

    Curious as well that an essay from a fairly obscure (?) blog should get such publicity and have a unionist politician (pretendy) outraged – do all unionists read all the independence blogs and output? Doubt it.

    And the SNP dropping his membership is weird too, he isn’t an elected representative, so based on an unsubstantiated smear they decide GB isn’t the sort of member they want? Really? I didn’t read anything saying that to be a member I had to behave in a particular manner – or are there terms and conditions? Jeez, I just lost an appeal on a parking ticket, that’ll be me expulsed for sure.

    Also weird is the letter I got from TV licensing the other day – I fill out their form declaring I do not need one (and I genuinely don’t, I haven’t watched telly or any ‘live broadcast’ in years, and have no interest in doing so) and they promise to not hassle you until the next ‘do you need one’email. That is the agreement; you put in the declaration, and they will not correspond with you until the two years is up. They do say someone might come round, but that’s not a letter.

    So in this letter, from Gordon Smith, it says ‘As you have not responded to my letters yet…’ – eh? What? I haven’t received any! I SHOULDN’T receive any! Then it goes on ‘you have left us no alternative but to proceed with the final stages of our investigation’ ,,,, eh? What investigation? What letters? Then it goes on blah blah about visiting and what a criminal I am etc. Except, it has the wrong flat number on it. How do they manage that? Is this some kind of con? I was going to seek legal advice, but haven’t got round to it yet. I am so pissed off, why do they assume everyone in the universe must be watching the inane drivel that’s on tv? Why would I even watch that inane drivel live? Anyway, they’d better turn up with a warrant if they want in, because I’m not best pleased.

    So, I have tv licensing enforcement officers after me and a parking ticket (I thought my appeal was reasonable, 5 bloody minutes on a dark night in a strange place safely parked out of traffic, but no, they have no humanity) (see when I take over the universe, I am going to have fabulous easy to use semi public transport system, free and going everywhere you want to go, it’ll be like mini-trams that’ll scoot about the place that you just call when you need it, say one per 12 people, with pool trams for extra when it’s busy, automated so you can be as drunk as you like, and long distance sleeper trams that can link up to a big engine,,, I am digressing). I’m not an upstanding citizen, I don’t think I can pass any SNP squeaky clean criteria.

    The entire world has gone weird.

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  5. Alan Gordon November 2, 2018 / 11:00 pm

    Definitely, I’m in.

    My groat worth; your suspension from the party, I think, was the minimal that the SNP could do and still hold at bay the wide spread distraction that would have ensued, had they done nothing. All media ramped up with, “SNP stand by indy blogger who etc, etc” I think it is a process of, keep everything quite but moving forward and side step enteruptions that would cloud the view of chaos, corruption, splits and incompetence that shine out of London.

    Your essay applied a charge of electricity to a couple of very raw nerves. The chuckle is, that by their incompetence your essay will now be read by sectors you never thought possible to reach. Indeed you could say, your blog now addresses parts your other peers can’t reach. (best said in the style of Connery, Sean Connery).


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