Cancer mortality rates fall 10% but Reporting Scotland ignore it


From the NHS Information Services Division, yesterday:

‘Over the last ten years, the overall age-adjusted cancer mortality rate has fallen by 10%.

Although the rate of deaths due to cancer has decreased over this period, the actual number of deaths due to cancer has not. This largely reflects an increase in older age groups within the population and the fact that cancer is a relatively common disease among the

elderly. The age-adjusted cancer mortality rate has fallen by 12% for males and 7% for females over the past decade.’

Reporting Scotland had plenty of time, yesterday, for death and injury, depression, football and human waste on the tracks, but no time for this good news. When the ISD report something more worrying for Scots, they’re all over the story, blowing it up in our faces, so to speak. It was the same non-story for a major cancer waiting time target being met, only four weeks ago.

The 95% target for waiting times of 31 days or less, between decision to treat and first treatment, was met in June 2018, having been met or only just missed for the last six years.

95% of Scottish cancer patients treated within 31-day standard but NHS England in crisis



5 thoughts on “Cancer mortality rates fall 10% but Reporting Scotland ignore it

  1. gavin October 31, 2018 / 8:48 pm

    Good news? Simply not news fit for BBC Scotland viewers.
    Alas, Reporting Scotland is starting to resemble Lourdes (without the miracles), with a sad cast of the halt, the lame and the blind, all more than pathetic and seriously deserving of our sympathy–victims of the vagaries of fate. However the Jakie show always casts its cynical eye Holyrood-wards, no matter the evidence or facts. BBC Hootsman has no room for fate, misfortune or sheer bad luck—its a FAULT and we get plenty of hints as whom to blame.
    If bad journalism and overt bias was a game show, this would be it!

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  2. gavin October 31, 2018 / 9:03 pm

    I see on insider that Scottish GDP growth has been slightly higher than the UK’s. Don’t know when the news came out, but it wasn’t on Reporting Scotland that I saw.
    If our growth had been lower……………………………………………………….?

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