SNP Minister’s warm words designed to retain invaluable EU workers in Scotland

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From Health Secretary, Jeane Freeman, to NHS workers from the EU, yesterday:

Dear Colleagues,

‘As we approach the date of the UK’s exit from the EU, on 29 March 2019, I wanted to take this opportunity to write directly to EU/EEA staff working in the NHS in Scotland. Over the summer, negotiations between the UK and EU on Withdrawal have continued, heading towards expected decisions this autumn.  But the UK Government has also been stepping up its preparations for a possible “no deal” scenario.  I know this must be a very unsettling time for all of you.  That is why I wanted to reiterate now how much I value the contribution of every member of staff, regardless of their nationality. Colleagues from across the EU, and beyond, bring valuable experience and skills that strengthen and improve the work of the Health Service, and benefit the patients and communities we serve. Scotland is absolutely your home and we very much want you to stay here.’

There’s more here:

One reason to be keen on this previously, beyond common decency and common sense, was this:

‘Our report last year asked whether this would make a difference to the potential outcome of a Scottish independence referendum. It concluded if most EU citizens voted No in the 2014 referendum but would now vote Yes in a future referendum, it could have a significant impact: moving a cohort the size of the EU citizens [projected in 2020] from a No to a Yes vote would have been just enough to switch the result of the 2014 referendum, resulting in a 51 percent Yes vote.’

They won’t get a vote, of course, if Brexit has taken place before Indyref2.


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