Despite non-significant 1% rise this year, the Scottish crime record under SNP administration is down, down, down, deeper and down




In the Scotsman today, after several paragraphs bemoaning the statistically non-significant 1% increase in 2017/18 and giving a generous platform to Unionist ‘justice spokesmen’, they got round to these, fine for my purposes here, if at times, grammatically incorrect, paragraphs:

Meanwhile, separate research published yesterday by the Scottish Government showed the number of muggings have [sic] more than halved over the past decade, and that teenagers and people in their 20s are much less likely to commit a robbery or be a victim of one.

Robbery in public settings by strangers has fallen from 2,080 in 2008-9 to 860 in 2017-18. The use of a bladed weapon in robbery has also dropped from an estimated 1,270 to 550 over the same period.

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf said: “Scotland’s streets are now safer and less violent than they were a decade ago. While any small rise in crime is disappointing, we remain focused with the police and other partners on keeping crime at historically low levels.”

For evidence explaining, at least in part, Scotland’s falling crime, see:

As knife and gun crime rockets across England and Wales and falls in Scotland, Scotland has far more police officers per head of population

As major global cities like London struggle with pollution, levels in Scotland have dropped by more than 66% since 1990. Has this contributed to falling crime levels too?


2 thoughts on “Despite non-significant 1% rise this year, the Scottish crime record under SNP administration is down, down, down, deeper and down

  1. Ludo Thierry September 26, 2018 / 12:07 pm

    Noticed in the year-on-year figures an observation that the 2% drop in fire raising and vandalism meant the lowest figures for this category since 1978!

    • A 2% decrease in crimes of fire-raising or vandalism to 51,322 – the lowest since 1978.(That would have been back in the days of the Lib-Lab Jim Callaghan Govt – good to note that even the best efforts of a certain Labour Peer of the Realm and current ‘spokesman’ on Scottish Education in the HoL haven’t been able to dent the steady decline in the figures – Elementary my dear Lord Watson).

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