Lone Tory stirs up ‘storm’ over ‘£45’ SNP loan to shipbuilder

As Storm Ali approaches, I read in today’s Herald:

‘Storm grows over £45 loan to Sturgeon’s adviser’s ferry firm’

It’s fitting that the Herald headline writer should go for the stormy metaphor though it seems to have blown a million off the headline. The error was still there two hours later. Staff shortages due to low pressure depressed readership figures?

Tom Gordon tells us:

‘The row over a £45m government loan to a struggling business owned by an adviser to Nicola Sturgeon has intensified after the Finance Secretary changed his justification for it and confirmed Holyrood was kept in the dark for seven months.’

I read on to find a storm growing or a row intensifying but could only find a wee puff of wind from Tory MSP Jamie Greene. Wasn’t he one of Robin Hood’s buddies? Mind you, Robin Hood, Tories, seems unlikely.

‘Funds from the rich, tax cuts for the rich, robbing hoods, robbing hoods!’

There’s no sign of even a rustling of leaves from the Labour gang in the Greywood. Mind you, Labour criticise a Clydeside shipbuilder creating jobs there, not going to happen.

So, the storm is just a media construction to try to blow the SNP down. Nicola’s bump-cap hasn’t even twitched.


I had to laugh at a Tory fighting ‘government lies and corruption’. I case you haven’t seen them, here are two quick reminders of just what kind of people they are:



The list is HUGE!



4 thoughts on “Lone Tory stirs up ‘storm’ over ‘£45’ SNP loan to shipbuilder

  1. gavin September 19, 2018 / 1:36 pm

    More than half of the City of London’s richest hedge fund managers have donated millions to the Tories.
    Now why would they do that? Casino capitalism?

    Why is Alistair Darling on the board of Morgan Stanley?
    What has Gordon Brown to do with PIMCO?
    Is it because they were opposed to prosecuting bankers?

    How many politicians in the last Labour Cabinet BECAME millionaires? How many Tory politicians in the present Cabinet ARE millionaires?

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  2. Alasdair Macdonald September 20, 2018 / 1:11 pm

    Even BBC Scotland did not pick up on this story, which shows how dire it is.


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