Edinburgh’s technology sector increases by more than three times UK average


According to Insider today, based on Companies House and Office of national Statistics figures:

‘At the end of June, 50,143 companies were registered in the city according to research. The research, conducted by secretarial software specialists Inform Direct, shows that there were 22,931 in the city centre, 4,965 on Leith Walk and 4,323 in Leith. These positive figures back up recent reports highlighting the Scottish capital as one of Europe’s fastest growing communities of developers and data scientists, which is attracting new technology businesses. Other figures suggest that the city’s technology sector has increased more than three times the UK average between 2014 and 2017.’


Other recent positive news reinforcing optimism about the Edinburgh economy include:

Edinburgh best place for technology in UK?

Edinburgh poised to make significant advances in mental health research based upon data science ‘unparalleled in UK’.

‘Edinburgh tops list of most influential small cities in Europe’

‘Edinburgh among the best for equality’

Best UK city for inward investment is Edinburgh

More bad news for Ruth and Kezia: ‘Edinburgh is most active UK city for innovation outside London’

‘Staggering’ 175% increase in Edinburgh office take-up is further evidence of booming Scottish economy

Can Edinburgh’s high-tech expertise steal some of London’s financial business post-Brexit?

Footnote: Good though this is, it’s important that Edinburgh does not become a mini-London sucking all the resources out of the wider economy.


3 thoughts on “Edinburgh’s technology sector increases by more than three times UK average

  1. Contrary July 19, 2018 / 8:13 pm

    Have to agree with your footnote John! Seems to be a lot of good news investment for Edinburgh these days, and I suspect it could have something to do with it being an anticipated financial hub come independence, either that or Mundell’s new little England centre being set up there? I thought Dundee was the tech capital of Europe? Or is that the IT capital? Or indeed have I just made that up?

    I notice the latest polls shown on Wings show very little shift in public opinion in matters Brexit or independence, which I find really strange under the current situation, are people deluding themselves into thinking nothing much has changed so it won’t in the future and clinging to the status quo (which no longer exists)? Strange. I try to convince the unionist population at work of how little real information they are getting from MSM, but there is so little interest from them on such matters. I need to think up better ways to contribute more. I may try and make it to the rally in Inverness (a week on Saturday?), the more bodies the better after all.

    I’ve been indulging in the soap opera of the Skripal affair lately, via the comments on Craig Murray’s blog – they really are a dedicated bunch (more than can be said for me!) and coming up with all sorts of theories while keeping a close eye on MSM reports, so seems like a good source, a lot better than any government sources for sure. I can’t decide if it’s being used for distraction, or for trying to keep folk in the uk scared, or some high level nefarious plot against Russia. I’m reading a book that gives some insight into how well Russia was asset stripped by the Americans in the 90’s – I’ll post the link when I find it in case anyone is interested.

    I watched Putin being interviewed by Fox News (after the Helsinki summit), and I have to say he is a very charismatic, slick politician – something in quite short supply in the UK and the US these days. I think Putin is trying to counter some of the warped western media hype directed against him and Russia, and I think he came across well, but perhaps a bit too slick at times. In some ways he was effectively saying ‘all the governments are at it’ rather than outright denying any bad behaviour (Syria). He did deny any interest in affecting the outcome of any presidential elections in America (this is democracy, and a domestic matter, and he has no interest in it, presidents come and go, the institutions stay the same etc). He also pointed out that there are already treaties in place for exchange of intelligence, so why hasn’t it been used for the election interference accusations? The Fox News interviewer was a right womble, whoever he is.

    Anyway, that’s well off topic from Edinburgh, or indeed good news in Scotland! Though, it does emphasise the desirability of being a small independent nation! They, the superpowers, are all a bunch of raving loons, and the U.K. Is trying to play along with them. Being one of the small successful nations is the way to go, innovation and trade to benefit the country as a whole (not just a few hedge fund managers). You haven’t posted any links here to the Nation series with Lesley Riddoch, John? I would say they are good news for Scotland, they show the possibilities are endless, and Scotland would be a well respected part of a group of smaller nations.

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    • johnrobertson834 July 20, 2018 / 7:48 am

      All very interesting. As you say the lack of movement in the polls is puzzling. What more do the Tories need to do to scare us all away?


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