Scottish retail sales ‘soar’ as they fall for fifth month in the non-Scottish parts of the UK after ‘bleak and crippling’ start to year ‘there’


In the Guardian today:

‘UK high street sales fall for fifth month running. Survey says ‘bleak and crippling start to the year shows no sign of abating’. UK high street sales fell 1.7% year-on-year in June, the fifth consecutive month of falling sales, according to data released by advisory firm BDO, which bases its finding on a survey of mostly medium-sized retail businesses. It is the first time in at least 12 years that in-store growth had not topped 1% in a single month for the first half of a calendar year.’

I don’t have the Scottish June figures but, for May 2018, reported on June 13th, see this:

‘Scottish retail sales soar in May. Total retail sales in Scotland increased by 2.6% in May compared to a decrease of 0.2% in May 2017, the Scottish Retail Consortium reports, as good weather and bank holiday encouraged shoppers. The SRC said these figures were the best on record since January 2014 – excluding Easter distortions.’

Good news is flooding in this morning so I’ll leave this short.

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