Toward a better country? Scotland’s Veterans Commissioner

Soldier homeless demo

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The treatment of veterans is one of the great under-reported failures of our supposedly enlightened society in the UK. There are around 13 000 veterans living on the streets and increasing numbers of them are suffering from mental health problems.

However, the Scottish Government seems determined to do something more than the current neglect of the issue by the UK Government. See this from

‘A new Scottish Veterans Commissioner has been announced by Veterans Minister Designate Graeme Dey.  It comes as the Minister Designate launched a new guide providing practical information about services available in Scotland to support service personnel and their families.’

There’s maybe not enough evidence of a developed strategy here and that needs to be done quickly but I suppose the intention to do something different here, is there in the appointment. One to monitor.


2 thoughts on “Toward a better country? Scotland’s Veterans Commissioner

  1. Gerry Robertson July 1, 2018 / 6:51 pm

    I don’t mean to be unpatriotic but I don’t get this ‘Forces’ hype we have these days. Yes those that went to War and made immense sacrifices for their country have my greatest respect but as those that went before were ignored by Governments is a damning indictment of this country attitude towards our servicemen/women. However unlike the WW veterans we have been dragged into conflicts by disreputable Govs that have done little to either protect ie Falklands, Iraq, Afghanistan and can hardly be claimed justifiable.


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