Queensferry Crossing staying open more often and even in very high winds. Reporting Scotland will be all over this?


(c) netweather.tv

From Insider yesterday:

‘An initial assessment for Transport Scotland shows the Queensferry Crossing has improved reliability compared to the older bridge, staying open 14 times when weather would have closed its predecessor to large vehicles Transport Scotland’s Stein Connelly said: “The wind shielding on the Queensferry Crossing is delivering the benefits it was intended to. There have been 14 occasions since the new bridge opened when the Forth Road Bridge would have had to close to high-sided vehicles.”’


It’s not clear how often the crossing was actually closed to traffic but in January 2017, Transport Scotland project director David Climie told BBC Scotland:

‘We expect the wind shields to almost entirely eliminate the need for closures during the frequent periods of high winds in the Forth estuary, apart from in exceptional circumstances.’


This tweet from crossing monitor, Jo Farrow, in October 2017 suggests the crossing was open even in very high winds:


Given Reporting Scotland’s obsession with difficulties as the old bridge was being maintained, they’ll surely be all over this to fulfil their charter to be balanced?




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