BBC’s IT Crowd answer a different question from the one I asked


My complaint just about having to click on the same thing – ‘Make a complaint’ – three times:

Full Complaint: Why do I have to confirm three times that I wish to make a complaint? Searching for BBC Complaints takes me to this: I click on Make a complaint and it takes me to this: where I must click on Make a complaint again It then takes me to this: where I must for the third time click on Make a complaint. Surely this is a mess?

Their reply one day later (!):

Thanks for contacting the BBC. I understand you feel the online webform process contains barriers. We appreciate that you are annoyed with this online process, however it has been set up so that your complaint can be managed and responded to efficiently and quickly. The main reason we ask people to use our webform, even when replying to an email we’ve sent, is because we deal with over a million audience contacts every year and we have to ensure they can be efficiently tracked using our handling system. In addition, our complaints and general enquiries webforms ask for essential information such as channel, programme name and transmission date which means we don’t have to write back to people unnecessarily. Using a webform also guarantees we can match a return contact up with the previous contact from that person without the need to cross-check thousands of unformatted emails which would then have to be manually transferred into the tracking system. We appreciate this may be annoying, but we did not take this decision lightly. Our policy takes into account what is operationally efficient and avoids the need to employ additional staff at additional cost to licence fee payers.

Rest assured, your comments have been added to our audience feedback report, which is compiled daily and circulated among BBC senior management. This report is one of the most widely read reports within the BBC. This helps inform their decisions about current and future programmes and services.

Thanks for taking the time to raise your concerns with us.

My second complaint:

Your reply in no way addresses my complaint. I am not complaining about the need to submit a complaint online per se but about the need to click on the term ‘Make a complaint’ three times before getting a chance to actually make the complaint. Why is this?


3 thoughts on “BBC’s IT Crowd answer a different question from the one I asked

  1. George Gardiner June 15, 2018 / 1:02 pm

    Interestingly, for all of their supposed efficient tracking, they were/ are still unable to provide a breakdown for number of complaints relating to their political coverage.
    Also if you choose to cease paying the licence fee via their website it does not give you an option (even under ‘other’) to state that you refuse to pay for their propaganda. It’s almost as if they don’t want people to know…

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  2. Contrary June 15, 2018 / 6:40 pm

    Aye, George, I noticed that about the declaration to not need a tv licence, it is very restrictive in its options for ‘reason’ – not even ‘I don’t watch tv’ ! But you’d think they’d want to gather real data if they are asking for a reason at all, wouldn’t you,,, hmm, this is the BBC we are talking about, forget I suggested that.

    Haha, John, that is a cracking good example of them avoiding the question, at length, for no reason! I mean, they could have just said, well that’s the way it has ended up & we don’t know how to fix it, what could you say to that really? But avoiding the question smacks of covering up. And what was that bit about it being the most read report, what’s that about? The bosses should be reading all reports! Or is it that the BBC staff get the best laugh out of the IT report?


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