Scottish offshore expertise at the fore, again



I’ve reported several times before, on the expertise of Scottish scientists and engineers playing a major role beyond the North Sea:

Scottish Subsea expertise to make billions raising World War 1 and 2 wreck cargoes

Scotland’s sub-sea expertise earns £15 million research fund to work with Japan

Scotland’s tidal energy expertise to help poor communities in South-East Asia

And, now, from Energy Voice today:

 ‘Scottish offshore survey experts have helped to create a complete digital map of the world’s ocean floor. Working remotely from a control centre in Aberdeen, the Fugro team collected data covering nearly 13, 500 square miles of Atlantic Ocean seabed. The exercise was part of a mammoth project aimed at producing a definitive high resolution bathymetric map – the equivalent of land topography – of the world’s oceans and seas by 2030.’

Until now, only 20% of the world’s ocean floor had been mapped. It is hoped that this new data will lead to better, more-informed, decision-making about developments on and above the world’s ocean floor.


2 thoughts on “Scottish offshore expertise at the fore, again

  1. bigjon999 March 21, 2018 / 12:45 pm

    Wonderful map, great to know Scottish workers are helping to fill in the gaps.


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