BBC: ‘Scotland top for whale and dolphin sightings after 10 years of SNP rule’


(actually a North American orca hearing the Scottish results)

(c) Photograph: Martin Ruegner/Getty Images

See, the BBC can do good news about Scotland without any if or buts, when they try or don’t think it can be used to promote independence. They mis-underestimate my determination.

Here’s the league table of marine mammal sightings for 2017:

Scotland                                  608 (C)

England                                   555

Wales                                      231

Channel Islands (France?)       11

Isle of Man (Scotland?)           5

Northern Ireland                     0 (R)

Aye doan’t think NI are really trying. Maybe they doan’t see the porpoise in it? Could this be evidence of English dolphins heading north to get away from Theresa and Boris?

Footnote: I will admit to slightly modifying the BBC headline. It’s just editorial discretion.


3 thoughts on “BBC: ‘Scotland top for whale and dolphin sightings after 10 years of SNP rule’

  1. Alasdair Macdonald. February 20, 2018 / 2:01 pm

    It is well-known that dolphins and porpoises are very highly intelligent. Indeed, some, even speculate that they might be more intelligent than we humans and the rest of our fellow monkeys. Douglas Adams in his ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Series’ wrote a whole book, entitled ‘So long and thanks for all the fish’ about the voluntary departure of these species from earth – they knew something we didn’t.

    So, it is therefore irrefutable that the high number of sightings off Scotland – in the majority part of the UK territorial waters – is evidence of a ‘better place’ being identified by those noble and prescient sea creatures. Can we get them on the voters’ roll, because I am sure they would vote 100% for YES.


  2. Ludo Thierry February 20, 2018 / 9:10 pm

    Scotland (or even Kirkcaldy in the wonderful Kingdom of Fife) are clearly not ‘Top for britnat MP sightings’ today. I see on the Herald site that 8 britnat MPs failed to turn up for a scheduled meeting of the Westminster Scottish affairs Committee meeting in Kirkcaldy (these britnat elected public representatives presumably felt that even Fife is a bit ‘downmarket’ for them now that they’ve tasted the ‘real’ Good Life in London). The Committee was taking evidence on immigration. Hopefully the New Scots from EU and all airts see this news and draw their own conclusions from it – Equally those employers who are worried sick about what the combined britnat obsession with bringing about the hardest possible ‘no deal’ brexit will do to their businesses’ ability to recruit the labour force they require post-brexit. See below:

    SNP attack Unionist “no show” at Commons immigration inquiry
    Tom Gordon Scottish Political Editor

    THE SNP has condemned the failure of every other party to attend Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee as it held an inquiry into immigration.
    The Nationalists said it “spoke volumes” about the priorities of Labour, the Conservatives Tories and LibDems after not one of their MPs went to a special session in Kirkcaldy.
    Four Conservatives, a LibDem and three Labour members missed the event, leaving SNP chair Pete Wishart and MPs Tommy Sheppard and Deidre Brock to question witnesses.

    Those posted ‘missing in inaction’ (Most definitely NOT doing THE DAY JOB for which they are extremely well paid) are as follows:

    David Duguid Conservative
    Hugh Gaffney Labour (Isn’t he the guy who already demonstrated a high fondness for antiquated vocabulary around the ethnic origins of our New Scots friends, neighbours and co-workers? Seems to be maintaining his form once more.)
    Christine Jardine Liberal Democrat
    Ged Killen Labour (Co-op)
    John Lamont Conservative
    Paul Masterton Conservative
    Danielle Rowley Labour
    Ross Thomson Conservative

    What a bevvy of political beauties. Of course – there is an alternative explanation. Maybe they had all dashed to their local bank branch (if there is still one in town) to set up a Direct Debit to fund Scotland in Union.: See headline from Herald below:

    Doubts over Unionist campaign’s future after funding admission
    Exclusive by Tom Gordon Scottish Political Editor

    THE country’s main anti-independence group is facing questions about its viability after admitting 98 per cent of its supporters don’t give it any money.
    Scotland in Union, which has been hit by series of controversies in recent months, made the startling admission in a fundraising email that said: “We really need your help”.

    Set up in the wake of the 2014 independence referendum to oppose a second vote, the cross-party group has previously boasted its has around 25,000 supporters.
    But SIU has now revealed only around 500 of those make any kind of financial contribution.
    Alastair Cameron, founder and executive director of SIU, repeatedly refused to answer questions when asked if his organisation was financially viable and had a future.

    The SNP said the group was being forced to “put round the begging bowl to remain afloat”.
    Adding to the impression of funding problems, the SIU email said the group needed more money simply to “keep campaigning” and “plan for the future”.

    It said: “Scotland in Union is funded by supporters just like you and we really need your help.
    “Anything you can contribute to our campaign would be greatly appreciated, and will allow us to build our movement to answer the divisive rhetoric from the nationalists and remind people of why it’s great to be part of the UK.

    Oh dear, how sad, what a shame – With a wee bit of luck Pamela Nash (defeated Lab MP) will have to punt the CV around the britnat elites for another super-salaried non-job once the cash runs out.

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