Scotland’s trade surplus to grow at fastest rate since 2014


After the biggest increase in export orders for four years, in the three months to December 2017, the Royal Bank of Scotland Business Monitor predicts an even stronger performance in at least the first six months of 2018. Reported in the Insider online magazine today, the service sector (including tourism) recorded a massive 17% rise in exports up from 6% in the third quarter and the manufacturing sector recorded an 11% rise, up from 4%.

Readers will know that Scotland is the only part of the UK with a trade surplus. Indeed, the trade deficit for the rest of the UK is huge, triggering the need for massive debt repayments. The above news suggests, once more, the the vitality and robust nature of Scotland’s economy. See these other recent indicators of economic health:

Business booms in Scotland under SNP-rule

77% of Scotland’s small and medium-sized businesses report success as Scottish Government reports record numbers exempt from rates and in the wake of figures revealing much greater signs of distress among rUK businesses.

These are only two such reports. If you search the blog for ‘business’, you’ll get dozens more revealing the health of the Scottish economy. Remember, the GERS figures used by Unionist politicians and media are based almost entirely on unreliable estimates and allocate Scotland a share of the debt which we did not incur. See:

25 of the 26 GERS income figures are estimates and not the real figures!

The Scottish Sun’s grammatically incorrect but politically correct and helpfully blunt assessment of GERS

Brexit will, of course, damage this situation so Indyref2 in 2019 at the latest and this kind of good news shared all over social media?

7 thoughts on “Scotland’s trade surplus to grow at fastest rate since 2014

  1. gavin December 20, 2017 / 1:59 pm

    Iain MacWhirter, in today Herald condemns the leaders of Scotland’s teaching unions for their “relentless miserablism” — his response to the perception of negativity they express toward their own profession and the effect that has on the teachers who work in it.
    But is that the whole story? I would expect union leaders to also have some positive things to say—it is after all, the livelihood of them all. But if they do say nice things about teaching in Scotland, does it get printed or any air time?
    Would the media that operates in Scotland report any positive facet of any story or do they only see the BAD in each and every issue? So any news of Scotland’s “Trade Surplus” would never see the light of day, from “reporters” who seem to live in the Stygian gloom.
    *Dog barks in direction of Sturgeon*—that is more to their liking! Or Rangers/Celtic ad infinitum!

    I have nearly stopped watching BBC Scotland evening news. Relentlessly negative would be to put a positive spin on it. It is simply dismal stuff, from miserable, glum faced, script readers. It lacks originality, journalistic ethics( never mind actual journalism), context, perspective, curiosity, lightness of touch and a joke at the end.
    Those are just the good bits. And I have to pay for it!

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    • johnrobertson834 December 20, 2017 / 2:24 pm

      Spot on. Good news is no news and the stuff they’ve believe we need makes us depressed. I’d cancel my licence but my wife watches a few BBC1 things like Strictly

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  2. Ludo Thierry December 20, 2017 / 7:19 pm

    This thread seems to include media matters so hope I’m not going too far off topic – apols if I am. I don’t visit Bella C too often but noticed this interesting wee item that Mike Small has dug up and thought worth spreading. Apparently the BuzzFeed news site had caught the Independent using a ‘cod by-line’ when doing some sports reports. Johnstone Press have a commercial agreement since buying the ‘I’ to carry some news streams from the Independent. To distance themselves from the furore JP put out a rather pompous statement (see below):

    Johnston Press spokesperson described the fake Alan O’Brien as “unacceptable”, and said it would investigate further before assessing its relationship with the website.
    “We require all our partner agencies to uphold the highest professional standards and editorial integrity when they supply us with syndicated copy. We and our readers demand it,” said the statement.
    “Any inaccuracy in copy is an extremely serious matter and unacceptable. We are investigating today’s report further before taking the next steps.”

    Anyway – Mike Small seems to have JP and the Hootsmon applying rather less rigorous standards regarding ‘cod by-lines’. Mike suggests the Hootsmon articles under the by-line ‘Russell Jackson’ are worthy of further enquiry. He puts a link to the available info on Journalisted (‘threadbare’ is an over-statement) and invited the Hootsmon for comment.

    “Here’s Russell’s slightly threadbare listing on Journalisted with a photo that has an uncanny likeness”.

    No response by time of publication. Something pretty strange lurking in the undergrowth at Hootsmon Towers, perchance? More work for Alex and Christen Ager Hanssen in clearing out those Augean Stables in due course?

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  3. Geoff Tompson December 21, 2017 / 5:49 pm

    Worth pointing out the graph at the top of this piece is from the official HMRC quarterly statistics not made up ones here in Scotland (see It’s worth noting that over the past 12 months only Scotland and Northern Ireland have been consistently in surplus, whilst Wales and every region in England (including London) have consistently had negative balances of trade.

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