Does anyone care if the Scottish Labour leader would support England against Scotland? More important is which Central Scotland club does he support, if any?


Gordon Brown supported Raith Rovers from childhood but then went on to support England’s World Cup bid and then, horror of horrors, said that one of his favourite football memories was the Paul Gascoigne goal for England against Scotland in Euro 96! That betrayal did him little good in the end, I’m pleased to note.

The new Labour Scotland Branch manager, Richard Leonard, has admitted that he would support England against Scotland even though he’s spent most of his life up here. I’m OK with that. At least he’s honest about it. Does anyone think that him pretending to support Scotland would gain them a single vote? The first cut is the deepest. I’ve lived in Ayr for 33 years, exactly half my life, but Falkirk FC are my team still.

Better meddle wi’ the De’il than the Bairns of Falkirk!

I’m more interested in which team in his constituency, Central Scotland, he supports. They may all be below him and he’s sticking with Leeds or Huddersfield or some other big English club. He’s got a choice between the Bairns, Hamilton, Motherwell, Airdrie or Albion Rovers. If it’s Hamilton, he’d be well-advised to keep quiet about that after them beating Rangers. He could lose a few votes there. I’m guessing it’s Albion Rovers. I can’t prove they have Anglophile roots but look at that Tudor rose in their badge. Also, see this justification for Richard Leonard (Richard the Lionheart?) choosing them:

Perfidious Albion England or Britain considered as treacherous in international affairs, in a rendering of the French phrase la perfide Albion, said to have been first used by the Marquis de Ximenès (1726–1817).

It’s still being used today:

‘Perfidious Albion hands murderous Assad a spectacular victory’

Anas Sarwar or Anwar Sadat as I once confused his name with, has probably called him worse than ‘perfidious’ in the last few days.

Note: Dear readers, I am aware that this piece may seem a little eccentric and wandering.



13 thoughts on “Does anyone care if the Scottish Labour leader would support England against Scotland? More important is which Central Scotland club does he support, if any?

  1. mamaphee November 21, 2017 / 1:31 pm

    It is and it does but I think you can be forgiven and allowed to explore your own personal feelings and thoughts . I’ll be here waiting for your next indispensable Indy input, after you’ve had your wee fitbaw moment. 😏

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  2. macgilleleabhar November 21, 2017 / 1:36 pm

    If it’s any comfort, for want of a better word, I think your musing is quite interesting.
    After all as the sub branch minder he has little to achieve beyond being a ship that passes in the night to outshine the troupe of chancers who preceded him.

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  3. John November 21, 2017 / 1:55 pm

    Well , at least we know where he is coming from . It’s clear to the rest of us therefor , that having spent most of his life in Scotland , he feels no allegiance to the Scots at all . Hope voters in Scotland will take that on board when they are next asked to make him First Minister of Scotland !

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  4. Clydebuilt November 21, 2017 / 8:45 pm

    Fitba . . . Agent Regan got rid of Strachan after going on the longest unbeaten run for 20 years. . . . . . . The BBC worked very hard for several years to turn fans against the manager. With limited success, and increasing desperation. Approx 2 months before Strachan was sacked Regan was interviewed by BBC Scotland. He was treated as if he was an SNP politician. (get rid of the manager and we’ll be nice to you)
    Immediately after sacking Strachan, Regan stated he had eight months to get a replacement in place. Scott Brown (captain) has rubbished this pointing out the new manager would not know his best team before competitive games have to be played. Martin Hannan in the National is suggesting Regan’s time has come, due to his handling of renewing the lease on Hampden.

    Sack Regan, Reinstate Strachan.

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  5. Clydebuilt November 21, 2017 / 8:53 pm

    Politics. . . Leonard, could be a nasty piece of work, re Dugdale, his first reaction was to kick her out of party. Re Bifab, he tried to pretend he and the Unions had saved the jobs, no mention of Scot Gov. . . . Big voiced Ex Yesser Simon Pia will set him straight like he did with all the others


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