As UK employment levels fall, Scotland’s rises


Linked by the Guardian to the aftermath of the Brexit vote, UK employment levels have fallen for the first time since then.

In contrast, Scotland’s employment rate rose to 75.2% above the UK rate of 75%. Female employment is higher at 72.1% compared with 70.6% and youth unemployment remains significantly lower than the UK figure at 9.4% as opposed to 13.2%.

Also, unemployment in Scotland remained lower than in the UK, falling over the year, by 0.8% to 4.0% as opposed to 4.3%.

With particular regard to youth unemployment, Scotland has among the best rates in Europe. See:

Scottish Government meets its youth employment target four years early to place Scotland as among the most successful in Europe

‘Scottish electrical apprenticeship numbers rise to nearly pre-recession heights’ as Scotland’s youth unemployment falls to 5th best out of 29 European countries

 There is rarely a day when I cannot find good news about Scotland. I don’t watch or listen but I’m guessing our Unionist broadcast media find it impossible at times. To be fair, the BBC website often manages but how many No voters read that?


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