Scottish oil now worth $60 per barrel, up 35% but will the UK government collect the appropriate taxes or continue to give it away for nothing?



The Brent crude benchmark has hit $60. At 16:28 it was sitting at $60.10.

In afternoon trading in London, yesterday, the international oil benchmark hit $60.53 per barrel as a result of strong and growing demand as the world economy grows at its fastest in several years and the OPEC/Russia supply cuts hold.

This is likely to be only the beginning of price increases as world shortages soar. See these:

Investors already betting on $100 per barrel oil in 2018? Indyref2 should be a very different story

Hammering home the point that oil is no burden for Scotland: US supplies fall as world-wide demand begins to soar.

As Scotland moves quickly to 100% renewable energy sustainability and reliability by 2020, these prices combined with new oil finds west of Shetland and new technologies extracting greater amounts from the North Sea, Scotland should be a very wealthy country. See these:

Another familiar type of headline here: With only 8% of the population, Scotland generates 24% of the UK’s renewable electricity and surges toward 100% sustainability well before 2030.

£290 billion of tax revenue still in the North Sea and much more to the west of Shetland

Of course, unless we push ahead with and win an independence referendum by 2020 or 2021 at the latest, much of this wealth will go to Westminster or even be untaxed in an attempt to weaken the case for independence by concealing the potential revenue. See this:

A recent YouGov poll showed that most Scots believe we’d be worse of if we’d voted for independence in 2014. This shows the power of the propaganda from our mainstream Unionist media to fool the majority of Scots into thinking the opposite of what I have just shown to be the case. Please share this widely.


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