Latest poll of Westminster voting intentions suggests SNP are recovering from temporary effects of Corbyn and Davidson with 10% increase


Here are the Panelbase/Sunday Times predictions, today, for Scottish seats, should there be another Westminster election soon:

SNP                                          41 (+4)

Conservative                           27 (-2)

Labour                                     24 (-3)

Lib                                            6 (-1)

Green                                      2 (+2)

(Changes since June.)

As Theresa stumbles over Brexit and Boris fumbles, another Westminster election is not that unlikely. The continuing competence of the SNP administration in Scotland, the fading of Corbyn’s appeal to Scottish Labour voters now they see how much of a Unionist he is, the choices they see for Scottish Labour leader and the disappearance of Ruth Davidson as Theresa May makes clear her lack of influence in Brexit negotiations, were bound to start to turn things round for the SNP after the losses in the last Westminster election.

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