New £10 million fund to make in-work skills training more feasible: Another good idea in the Programme for Government

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The Scottish government’s The Flexible Workforce Development Fund (FWDF) will allow employers to apply for funds to enable them to partner FE colleges to deliver in-work skills training. In contrast with the massive growth in the full-time higher education, opportunities for those already in work were seriously neglected so this is to be welcomed.

I’m puzzled that it’s only a one-year pilot given the lack of controversy in my point above.

From today, Scotland’s employers can apply for part of a new £10 million fund to partner with colleges to deliver in-work skills training. The focus will be on up-skilling and re-skilling. Any organisation can apply for up to £10 000 and the employee can be of any age. The latter point is especially encouraging given the historical tendency to rule out all but the youngest staff from such schemes. The £10 000 ceiling implies that up to 1 000 applications are anticipated which if it is the case, is also very good news.

The Minister for Employability and Skills said:

‘The Flexible Workforce Development Fund is part of Programme for Government, and an important element of our skills offer in Scotland. It is part of our wider offer of training and support that provides a clear and distinctive response to the introduction of the UK Apprenticeship Levy. Training and skills development is beneficial for employees of all ages and levels and I would encourage all organisations subject to the levy in Scotland to get in touch with our colleges to learn more about the opportunities available to them.’


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