North-east of Scotland to get £8.9 billion of infrastructure projects by 2030



Based on research by Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce, reported in the Scottish Business News Network, the North-east of Scotland can expect major investment in infrastructure from private and public funds over the next 13 years. The research suggests the impressive – total of £8.9 billion. In fact, most of the investment is scheduled for the next three years so I wonder why the 2030 figure was chosen.

The second investment tracker capturing the scale of infrastructure projects planned for the North-east of Scotland reveals that £8.9bn of public and private investment is due to be delivered to benefit the region before 2030.

Here are some of the more notable examples listed:

Aberdeen International Airport – £20m
Bon Accord Centre George Street extension – £100m
Kingsford Aberdeen Football Club stadium – £50m
Lochside Academy – £47m
Union Terrace Gardens improvements – £20m (circa)
The Silver Fin – £65m

That list only adds up to £302 million so it would be interesting to know what the other projects making up £8.9 billion, are. The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (‘Bypass not a fancy enough name?) will cost £745 million so that would be an obvious inclusion the list but I’m still way short.



2 thoughts on “North-east of Scotland to get £8.9 billion of infrastructure projects by 2030

  1. Statgeek (@StatgeekUK) November 3, 2017 / 10:29 am

    Capitol Development – £30m
    3rd Don Crossing – £22m
    Rowett Institute Relocation – £37m
    Chapleton of Elsick development – £1bn
    Countesswells development – £1bn

    Just go down the list of named place in the article you linked and Google (there are more). Some of these ‘funded projects’ are already complete, while others are housing projects (Stewart Milne – like he needs public funds???)

    Also worth finding out what’s happening at Rowett institute old location. Bet it’s property dev.


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