Another one bites the dust. Three years, three Labour leaders give up the ghost

Kezia Dugdale the leader of the Scottish Labour Party speaks at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool


Kezia Dugdale has resigned days after a Blairite purge was predicted in Scottish Labour and reported here:

A Blairite Purge? I love the sound of those words but would that be good news for the SNP?

As a confirmed opponent of Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist agenda it was only a matter of time. She claims that she has left the party in better state than she found it and her head remains high. I think we all know it is the Corbyn surge that gets the credit for any improvement.

Graciously if a little unconvincingly, Corbyn has thank her for her efforts:

Kezia became Scottish leader at one of the most difficult times in the history of the Scottish Labour Party, and the party’s revival is now fully under way, with six new MPs and many more to come. I want to thank Kez for her tireless service to our party and movement.’

Who is next I wonder? Alex Rowley’s ‘Gary Tank Commander’s Dad’ impressions get my vote but I guess the literate Corbynite, Neil Findlay, must be the favourite. He’ll be ideally suited to toe the London party line too so if you’re Labour for Independence, don’t go rushing back. Don’t get fooled again.

That’s two song titles in one report!


2 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust. Three years, three Labour leaders give up the ghost

  1. Ludo Thierry August 30, 2017 / 5:31 pm

    Hi John – you have been very busy again.

    Oddly enough another mega BritNat departed the scene at the same moment as Kezia (see snippet below):

    The editor of Britain’s second biggest regional daily has left the title after four years in charge in a move which sees his role merged with that of a sister paper.

    Damian Bates’ departure from Aberdeen’s Press & Journal comes after 15 years in total with DC Thomson-owned Aberdeen Journals, which also includes the Evening Express.

    Richard Neville, who edits the P&J’s Dundee-based stablemate The Courier, will now add the Aberdeen title to his portfolio in an expanded role as editor-in-chief for the company’s morning newspapers

    I wonder whether the Labour Party (Scotland Accounting Unit) might follow the same strategy as DC Thomson and put a single ‘leader’ in for 2 of the BritNat parties ie put Col. Davidson in charge of both? (The accounting unit already instructed people to Vote Tory last June – so why not go the whole hog?).

    The (former) P+J editor Damien ‘omen’ Bates hasclearly been kicked from his comfy billet in the light of last week’s disastrous P+J declining circulation figures (year on year: P+J down 8.8%, Aberdeen Evening Express down 12.7%).

    How the mighty fall. Only a few short years back Damian was the darling of the BritNat establishment when he engineered the famous ‘interview’ with Ian Wood where Wood gave forth that the oil was about to run out any day now (see snippet below):

    Regional daily breaks ‘independence bombshell’ on energy title’s website
    by Nick Hudson Published 21 Aug 2014

    Scotland’s biggest selling regional daily has used the web to break an exclusive it claims will be a “game changer” in the country’s referendum debate.

    Aberdeen Press and Journal’s online title, Energy Voice, has published an interview with industry expert Sir Ian Wood in which he calls into question Scottish independence.

    The Wood Group founder sheds new light on the North Sea oil industry that could have a substantial impact on the September 18 poll – when the country votes on whether it wants to split from the rest of the UK.

    The website, an online extension of P & J’s monthly Energy supplement, spoke with Sir Ian who calls into question the oil reserve predictions with a decline in production felt as early as 2030.

    There is a certain rich irony that Kezia’s and Damian’s departures are giving us an opportunity to reflect on this nefarious episode on the very day that the Edradour/Glenlivet field is yielding its first gas (see below report from beeb):

    Oil company Total has produced the first gas from its Edradour-Glenlivet field west of Shetland.

    The field uses subsea technology to pipe gas straight to Shetland without the need for an offshore platform.

    Edradour-Glenlivet is an offshoot of the massive Laggan Tormore development which began producing gas last year.

    Equipment sits on the seabed and the gas is piped straight to a purpose-built production facility near Sullom Voe.

    Notice the beeb describing the Laggan Tormore development as ‘..massive..’ – It must be true – it was on the beeb. Curious how the ‘expert’ Ian Wood apparently ‘forgot’ the West of Shetland area from his ‘calculations’.

    As John keeps reminding us “Don’t get fooled again”.

    Cheers all, ludo


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