£2.2 million Scottish Government investment pays off as expanded Scrabster harbour’s economic output rises to £48 million a year


(c) scrabster.co.uk

The harbour now:

  1. has a total economic output up from £39 million in 2009 to £48 million today;
  2. supports 403 jobs;
  3. has a 70% increase in GVA – a widely used measure of economic contribution;
  4. has wages and salaries arising from the activities of the harbour at £10.3million up from £6.2million previously;
  5. is the UK’s fourth largest landing port for fish;
  6. has recently added a new ice plant to expand facilities for fishing vessels;
  7. has a growing oil and gas and renewables base;
  8. supports lifeline ferry services;
  9. is seeing an increasing number of cruise ship visitors.



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