As Scottish unemployment falls, North Sea employment starts to climb again



As oil and gas activity in the North Sea and west of Shetland begins a third wave of prosperity, it’s beginning to look like unemployment in the sector has bottomed out and jobs are returning to the sector.

According to Aberdeen JobCentre work coach team leader Shonagh Neave:

‘We’re definitely seeing a little bit more confidence in oil and gas and renewables, with people going back to work in that sector. Although we still have a slight percentage increase for the city, this is the best percentage I’ve seen in the last year. figures are going down month-on-month so it is an improving picture – we’re starting to see a recovery. We’re hopeful this might be a turnaround and we might start to see the claimant count figures in the city come down soon.’

Though there was an increase in May’s figures for Aberdeen City, unlike the county as a whole where there was a 2% fall, the JobCentre put this down to the switch to the universal credit benefit system and not a direct oil & gas industry related rise.


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