And again, continuing evidence of a strengthening Scottish economy as small claims decrees fall 55%


When small claims are made against businesses it means they’re in trouble in some way. It means according to the Registry Trust, that they’re failing to manage debt. So, this massive fall means that Scottish business ‘can take heart’ and that if they do need to borrow to expand they can.

As you may know from previous pieces here, the Scottish economy grew at 4 times the rate of rUK over the last quarter and:

‘Fewer Scottish businesses failing in 2017’

Scottish businesses showing signs of greater health than those in the rest of the UK

Ruth and Kezia sob as they hear Scotland is ranked as the best place in the UK to start a business. Will this good news never end?

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The total value of claims fell by 55% to £7.6 million, a record low. Put it all together with the other good news you can see if you scroll down my blog over the last few months and somebody is doing something right in Scotland. Who could it be? Surely not the SNP-led administration in any way?

Scottish Government invests a further £1.5 million in offshore wind technology as our renewables energy generation booms.

Scottish Government awards 13 firms £3.5m in new grants to maintain push for growth in food and drink sales

Scottish Government invests in Glasgow’s second new distillery as Scottish Whisky sales climb toward £1 billion and Scotland produces 28% of all UK food and drink exports

Scottish Government to help create 21 000 new jobs for Edinburgh and South-East Scotland

Scottish Government to help build over 1000 low cost homes at Western Harbour in Edinburgh with £76 million loan

Scottish Government invests £9.4 million in affordable housing for the Western Isles

Scottish Government plan to approve more than 10 000 affordable new homes this year

Scottish Government grants to further boost Scotland’s food and drink industry which already produces 28% of all UK exports

I stopped looking back at 22nd June 2017. I could’ve gone on.


9 thoughts on “And again, continuing evidence of a strengthening Scottish economy as small claims decrees fall 55%

  1. Ludo Thierry August 9, 2017 / 7:09 pm

    Hi John – Hi all. Thanks John for the further evidence of Scotland’s encouraging ecomic performance. Do you think the beeb will carry the story?

    I noticed the Scottish Govt news service carried a report of Nicola Sturgeon today opening a new European HQ (for a Life Sciences company) based at the Science Park site in Glasgow:

    FM welcomes 15 new jobs.

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon officially opened the new European headquarters of a life sciences company which is set to generate 15 new jobs and safeguard a further three following new investment.

    ReproCELL received £150,000 funding from Scottish Enterprise to support the company’s relocation to new and expanded facilities at the West of Scotland Science Park.
    The company has invested a further £630,000 to base their European HQ in Scotland and create jobs in two new areas of innovation – stem cell reprogramming and 3D cell culture, adding to their existing 14 employees.

    The beeb haven’t carried the story yet – Curiously they carried a link in their Glasgow and West page to a short but detailed coverage of the story in the Kirkintilloch Herald.

    Presumably the story was far too positive re. the Scottish economy and the SNP Scottish Govt to warrant space on the State Broadcaster’s website?

    It was interesting to note the comments of the company CEO:

    Dr David Bunton, CEO of ReproCELL Europe Ltd said:

    Scottish Enterprise has worked closely with the company in Scotland, Europe, US and Japan to provide business support. This has included work from SDI field colleagues in Japan and across Europe to help identify potential customers, as well as tailored company support on the ground in Scotland to look at new market opportunities globally and extend existing testing services.

    Dr. Brunton isn’t simply identifying the financial assistance towards the expansion but the close support provided by Scottish Enterprise and SDI in the field – using their established networks to assist the company to identify markets and customers globally. This sounds like joined-up govt in action to me. Yet more good work from that dreadful SNP Scottish Govt.

    Dare I raise a further story that caught my eye?

    I noticed on the Common Space news site (I know there have been some bad editorial decisions at Common Space recently – but the Indy movement has to be a Big Tent).

    Anyway – the story concerns the actions of RBS to comply with new rules around banks splitting their retail bank business from their investment (casino banking) arms.

    RBS is implementing a complex legal process to move their Scottish customers (personal and business) into a particular ring-fenced company (ie Scottish customers ring-fenced in a seperate company from rUK customers).

    The Scottish customers are being moved into the RBS subsidiary operating under the Adam and Co.licence.The special arrangements being made for Scottish customers gives the strong impression that RBS are already forward planning for Indy – RBS are judging that Indy is in the offing and that establishing clearly defined legal entities for their Scottish operations and rUK operations makes good sense.

    RBS hasn’t been noted for its good decision-makingover recent years – but it looks like things might just be improving.

    Thanks, Ludo


  2. johnrobertson834 August 9, 2017 / 10:04 pm

    I did wonder about the RBS story. You think it is in prep for possible independence?


  3. Contrary August 10, 2017 / 8:02 am

    Very interesting Ludo, I had not heard about the opening in the Science park – I’ve not really been keeping an eye on things this last few weeks, all my capacity is being taken up with training a newbie at work ,,, sorry not ‘training’, it’s called ‘mentoring’ so they don’t actually have to pay you extra, acknowledge it, or allow you take time out from your day job. Honestly, these big companies talk a good supportive system, but the reality is a lot different! [way off topic moan over,,,]. And that is very interesting news about RBS, I don’t like the bank, not just because of their performance contributing to the banking crisis, but in the past I have seen people who are barely earning anything, and one with a weekly not very stable wage, being advised to take out what they then called the Gold Account I think, it cost 10£s a month and gave them a credit card these people didn’t want. This was a few decades ago, but I developed a loathing for them for giving such bad advice and taking advantage of the vulnerable.

    Sorry! I am trying to stay on topic, but losing my path! The RBS move is interesting, and even if it isn’t manoeuvring directly for possible independence, it seems to indicate it is thinking of the separate taxing systems – could make it easier to find out the financial goings on in Scotland? – with an eye to hedging bets on the Dissolution of the Union. And RBS is fairly good at taking advantage. I think we might see a lot more manoeuvring like this…

    I think maybe the problem, at least mine was, with this article is when you get to ‘small claims decrees’ in the headline,,, what is it? I tried to do a google look up, but that’s not clear either. I didn’t know it was a thing! I was waiting for someone to make a clever comment on it and let slip what it means in context. I mean, I understand your description John, and that it is good that it has fallen, but I didn’t know it was something that might be a problem? Are companies using the courts to write off debts? Are suppliers taking the companies to court? ,,, I think maybe we’d need more description of the history here and maybe a nice simple explanation of how it can affect the companies? It APPEARS to be obscure, but is it really? Anyway, you have too many other juicy articles, I am sure people are happily passing this challenging one by 🙂


    • johnrobertson834 August 10, 2017 / 10:10 am

      Yes, but ‘It means according to the Registry Trust, that they’re failing to manage debt. So, this massive fall means that Scottish business ‘can take heart’ and that if they do need to borrow to expand they can.’ So that’s good anyway?


    • Contrary August 10, 2017 / 12:34 pm

      oh yes it must be a good thing – I am just commenting on the possible why of this not a very popular article, it very much does sound a positive direction. But when they say ‘failing to manage debt’ – what does that actually mean out here in the real world? Maybe I’m just been particularly thick. I reckon people will take more time over subjects they have some understanding of / background information on / have relevance to their lives / some link to popular controversy etc. Say for example, even if you have never cycled yourself, you still know what a bicycle is, and that it is healthy using one, and it is good for the environment etc, so you can have an opinion on many different aspects of cycling, but ‘failing to manage debt’ for a business and the ‘value of claims’ – too vague and fluffy unless you have experience of it first hand?

      Liked by 1 person

      • johnrobertson834 August 10, 2017 / 2:27 pm

        I’m just batting anything that might look in any way good for us.


      • Contrary August 10, 2017 / 8:18 pm

        I really am astounded at the amount of positive news about Scotland you are finding. It really makes you think long and hard about the amount of effort the Scottish media put into nearly only reporting the bad. I mean, originally I thought there would be the occasional wee snippet of fairly good news (young boy saves small kitten from drowning, level of news), and thought some things could be stretched into the good news category (Wir nae daein’ tae bad like, sort of stuff), but see when you see all the actual real live positive achievements that are happening all over Scotland, and especially when you put a list together for previous months, it really hits home that, in actual fact, Scotland is doing WELL; the economy is strong, we are building a good international reputation, that businesses and the government in Scotland work WELL together, that our public services are doing well (under the circumstances, of UK cuts. And I have really high hopes for the Scottish government’s new integrated health and social care policies), and that we really are a progressive country. These are all the things you don’t get from the usual media suspects.

        Knowing all these things, from your hard-worked blog John 🙂 , means that we can laugh in the face of any and all reports that insult Scotland and her people – because we now KNOW they are just insults, gossamer on the wind. And I do now actually laugh out loud at radio Scotland when I bother to pay attention, I don’t worry about what they are reporting on any more. And it really puts into context just exactly how much some politicians are trying to do us down – it’s like labour need us to be, and try and make sure we are, in dire straights (straits?) so they can get votes for their barely half-hearted ‘socially progressive’ policies – and the conservatives,,, well they are as thick as mince really, braying ‘no change is best’ while grinding us down with austerity, and, well,,, changing things. But only for the worse. Odd. Just knowing there are tons of good things happening out there, and that our Scottish government are, in fact, introducing successful policies, makes it very plain that other party’s politicians are at best incompetent, and, at worst, really do wish us harm. A disappointing state of affairs, but you have to be realistic, and we should be distancing ourselves from people that take pleasure from wishing harm on us. There will always be those kind of people, we just need the confidence to ensure they don’t cause any harm (any more).

        So every piece of positive news counts, it adds to the whole ‘confidence in ourselves’ ethos, makes it plain that it isn’t ONLY oil that gives us any standing/money/economy – it is ALL aspects of our society that has some strength. And so, if there are any disappointing snippets or results out there we hear about, we are stronger for knowing it is not the norm, we know we are capable of fixing it – because we have a strong base to work from. The effect may be subtle at first, but I’m telling you, seeking out only the positive news and gathering it here can only have good results. People will start believing in themselves, then believing in their fellows, then believing in their country. From that confidence, a country will be reborn. 🙂

        Am I being overly optimistic here? (Ah, self-doubt,,, but that’s what you are fixing!)


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