‘Fewer Scottish businesses failing in 2017’

The above headline comes from the Scottish Business News Network, yesterday, within days of news that less Scottish businesses are reporting signs of difficulty than those in the rest of the UK, as Scottish firms report massive increases in job opportunities for professionals, as general unemployment falls below that of the rest of the UK and as Scotland’s energy sector begins to surge impressively. You can see reports on all of this at:


Something is happening to the Scottish economy and it is very good news indeed for Indyref2, if our mainstream media will report it. This report and another on the Aberdeen office market demand growth merely adds to the optimism. Here’s a quote summing up the first part:

‘New analysis from professional services firm KPMG indicates positive signs for the Scottish economy, with a significant drop in the number of Scottish companies failing in the first three months of 2017. In the first quarter of this year, the total number of business insolvency appointments decreased by 19% (170 down from 211) compared to the same three months in 2016 (Jan to March). This decrease is reflected in both liquidation appointments (down 20%), which tend to affect smaller businesses, and administrations (down 14%), which usually involve larger organisations.’

 Further evidence of positive signs for the Scottish economy and presumably related to the Third Wave of Oil and Gas profitability I’ve referrred to elsewhere recently (http://www.scoop.it/t/talking-up-scotland) comes in the same source, opening with this staggeringly positive statement:

‘According to Savills Aberdeen Offices Spotlight, the Granite City’s office leasing market has gathered pace in the first quarter of 2017 with take-up reaching 181,000 sq ft (16,815 sq m), the strongest quarter recorded since Q3 2013 and not far short of total take-up volumes for the whole of 2016 (183,000 sq ft / 17,000 sq m).’

 Once more, we have evidence that post-independent Scotland will thrive.




One thought on “‘Fewer Scottish businesses failing in 2017’

  1. Contrary July 23, 2017 / 10:39 am

    Indeed, this is grammatically correct!

    To be truly positive, of course, the headline should read, perhaps, ‘more Scottish businesses succeeding…’, the Scottish business news network really needs to up its game in positivity, I mean, look at the number of double negative statements it makes in its ‘positive news’ piece: drop,,,insolvency,,,decreased,,,liquidation,,,down,,,etc’

    Even that last emboldened sentence – ‘not far short’ – did they mean, in fact, ‘very close to’??

    Just saying!


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