Scotland’s energy 100% renewable by 2030?



Although the Scottish Government’s target for 2030 is only just over 50% of all energy generation by renewables, a survey suggests many believe 100% is possible. Also, a major Scottish law firm sees tremendous potential in the renewables energy field to overcome market conditions and political barriers. I  agree, after reporting on many recent massive wind and marine turbine projects currently underway with still thirteen years to go. For examp

‘The Biggest in the World!’ 270 tidal energy turbines to be installed to provide sustainable power to Scotland

A second ‘biggest in the world’ for Scotland’s renewable energy sector


Now a survey by Law Firm Brodies LLP has found that 60% of companies involved in the sector thought that 100% supply was feasible despite recent Westminster cuts to subsidies and reduced incentives. The survey also indicated the importance of developing storage technologies as a way of ensuring reliability of supply at all times. Battery-based technologies are improving all the time. See this from 2014:


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