University of Dundee awarded £7 million to work in partnership with India to fight diabetes


Dundee University has world-leading expertise in this field and will be working with records of over 400 000 diabetic patients in India to try to understand more about the disease and hopefully contribute to treatment. See this from the University website:

‘Diabetes in India and Scotland will be compared and contrasted to determine the common and specific problems in both countries, with the aim of providing an improvement in health and reduction in health inequalities in India and Scotland….We need to understand more about diabetes in different populations. There is an urgent need for a large in-depth study of the specific causes and consequences of diabetes in India in order to identify different subtypes of diabetes that exist in India and understand how best to manage each subtype.’

People in Scotland can also help with the research by signing up to

This is not the first time Dundee has been highlighted as a centre of expertise in other fields. See also:

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