Another 200 new North Sea jobs


To add to the jobs reported here:

‘Wave of new jobs hits the North Sea’

 Wood group have announced another 200. Energy Voice’s report put it this way:

‘About 200 more new jobs are being created in the UK North Sea in the latest in a string of morale boosting developments in the offshore oil and gas industry. Aberdeen-based energy service giant Wood Group announced its requirement for more workers yesterday, continuing a welcome streak of job creation news over the past few weeks.’

The report then went on to give us the usual Scottish miserabilism from some alleged expert warning us not to get to carried away with ourselves. I’m not going to give him space here as the rest of the mainstream media will now doubt headline him.

2 thoughts on “Another 200 new North Sea jobs

  1. Contrary July 12, 2017 / 12:26 pm

    So. Is miserabliism really a word then? Did you just make that up?

    Not wanting to be catagorised as such, I will note that the following article, and any comments, are not related to the good news above, merely additional information, on how the big multinational international global conglomerate big companies might not always be entirely trustworthy. You know, of course, that Wood Group and Amec Foster Wheeler are ‘merging’ (hah, right, its a buy-out after the latter’s poor performance,,, or after the merger of amec with foster wheeler just before oil prices plummeted?). Anyway, turns out that the Serious Fraud Office is investigating Amec Foster Wheeler (Wood group are investigating themselves?), because of links to Unaiol, who are apparently a bit dodgy.

    Anyway, any increase in job numbers in the oil sector is good, we still need oil even if we go fully electric/renewables, and that transition is still to take place, lets do it steadily and carefully!


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