Outlander arrives on Freeview TV. Can it affect the outcome of Indyref2?


© 2014 Sony PicturesTelevision

See this from the Herald in 2015:

‘The “importance” of the US television drama Outlander to the political atmosphere of last year’s Independence Referendum was highlighted by key TV executives before a meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron. In a cache of leaked memos from the Sony organisation obtained by Wikileaks, an email written by Keith E. Weaver, executive vice president at Sony Pictures Entertainment, which produces Outlander, discusses a meeting with the Prime Minister last summer.  An Outlander insider last night said the meeting may have been why Sony “took the foot of the pedal” with finding a UK broadcaster.’

From the above, it seems clear that Outlander’s potential effect on the first referendum was a concern to the Cameron government.

The first series arrived free on More4 and All4 last week. I know the FM has gone quiet on Indyref2 but I doubt that the next SNP conference will allow much more delay. I know also that Outlander has only a tenuous link with historical events and that the educated folk reading this are similarly aware of that. I know too that many No voters will also be too educated to be swayed by it but some will be and we only need some.

So, you never know. Make sure you spread it around and get all you can watching the brutal excesses of those nasty as feck redcoats. 90% of our brain processing is subconscious so even if probable No voters think they aren’t going to be affected they might still be at that level.

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