Nasty Tory Update



So far, I’ve got these:

  1. Donald Gatt elected to Keith and Cullen stood for UKIP before and commenting on free meals for P1 pupils, is reported to have said that those who cannot afford to feed their children should use a contraceptive.
  2. Neil Graham, a Paisley councillor, had his contact details on a leaked BNP database. I downloaded that myself at the time and found a near neighbour on it!
  3. Ian James, for Strathtay, was reported to have praised a speech by UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe and bemoaned the lack of characters like Enoch Powell in the tory Pary leadership campaign.
  4. Fife teacher Kathleen Leslie described Nicola Sturgeon as a “drooling hag”, a “wee fish wife” and a “walking horror show”. This is a teacher, a role model for young people, who teaches what…..English? Is she that braw hereself
  5. Ken MacBrayne for Benbecula and North Uist, Roxana Iancu for Glasgow and George McIntyre for midlothian were caught in time and dropped, after anti-Muslim rants by them were allegedly identified.
  6. David Wilson of Inverclyde was reported to have asked gay people to out themselves during a public meeting during which a donation to an LGBT group had been moved.
  7. A supposedly grown man telling a Scottish school girl at an expensive English private school to ‘Fuck off back to Scotland’ after she expressed support for Scottish independence. James Heappey, ­prospective MP for Wells, Somerset made the statement while talking to the Sixth Form girls at the school.
  8. Nancy Duncan of Mintlaw, the newly-elected vice chair of the Conservative Women’s Scottish Council an office bearer for the Banff and Buchan Conservative & Unionist Branch tweeted:‘It would be good to know exactly where in Peterhead the Hitler Youth [SNP activists] are holding their rally’ She also added images of swastikas and Hitler.
  10. Renfrewshire councillor Neill Graham was ousted from his new role on the authority’s Joint Consultative Board for non-teaching staff within 48 hours, after trade unions threatened a boycott. The newly elected Tory, last month had to apologise for circulating material from Protestant pride groups on Facebook.

No doubt there are more, many more.


3 thoughts on “Nasty Tory Update

  1. macgilleleabhar May 27, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    Any port in a storm for the unionists. The bottom of the barrel must be gey thin by now.

    Liked by 3 people

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