As the Scottish fishing industry booms is Theresa gambling with it?


In 2016, we saw a 41% increase in the value of landings for herring and mackerel and an overall increase in landings of all types of 29%, generating £563 million for the Scottish economy. In addition to the catch value, the industry also plays a major part in the wider economy surrounding the ports. It also has a key role in the growing success of our global food and drink exports. See:

Food and Drink Special: Scotland’s exports surge and new SNP policies will maintain the growth.

This kind of news further emphasises the dangers in rumours emerging from Westminster that Theresa May will be prepared to sacrifice the Scottish fishing industry in return for other deals with the EU. See:

I told you! Special Brexit deals for City of London, Nissan, Gibraltar and the Scottish fishermen sold out in return because she knows we’re too feart to vote for independence.

We won’t find out for certain until after the General Election so the message for tempted Tory voters is clear. There will be no Brexit deals for Scotland of any real value. Vote SNP to protect Scotland.


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