I told you! Special Brexit deals for City of London, Nissan, Gibraltar and the Scottish fishermen sold out in return because she knows we’re too feart to vote for independence.


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In the dreadful Direly Torygraph yesterday:

‘Theresa May could waive rights to 95 per cent of British waters after Brexit, fishermen fear’

It’s just what I predicted and which the Scottish Fishermen’s reps didn’t. See:

Good News: Theresa May is ready to risk losing Scotland to win concessions from the EU that really matter to England

Fishermen think they have a legal right to all the fish caught within 200 miles off our coast but that’s a 1982 UN convention never implemented by a UK government because by then the UK had already given away all our fishing rights to the EU. The Tories have made much of getting these rights back but, as always, they’re not being entirely honest with us. Their manifesto only refers to the 12-mile exclusion zone around the UK coastline.

More than half the fish caught around Scotland is landed by trawlers from the rest of the EU and often landed in non-Scottish ports so there is no income at all. See:

SNP Minister intervenes to ensure more fish are landed in Scotland to benefit both fishermen and local businesses that depend on fishing

Here’s what the Telegraph said:

‘Fishermen fear Theresa May could waive the rights to almost 95 per cent of British waters after failing to make any solid promises over sovereignty of the seas in the Tory manifesto. The Conservatives declined to say yesterday how much water would be protected, saying the details would form part of the Brexit negotiations…One Tory source admitted the language of the manifesto did “leave open” the possibility that Britain might agree that other EU nations can access these waters after Brexit.’

The well-named Mike Hookem of UKIP said:

‘Rather than reclaiming what is rightfully ours under international law, Theresa May’s manifesto has signalled her intention to only reclaim waters up to 12 miles, which was the limit before our entering the Common Fisheries Policy in the 1970s…the EU realise how important fisheries are to their economies, that is why they are fighting for them.’



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