Another Scottish energy renewables record



We’ve already had news of the world’s biggest tidal turbine array to be built in the Pentland Firth and the world’s biggest floating wind turbine array to be sited off the Kincardineshire coast, to be manufactured in Kishorn too. See:

‘The Biggest in the World!’ 270 tidal energy turbines to be installed to provide sustainable power to Scotland

A second ‘biggest in the world’ for Scotland’s renewable energy sector


Now Scotrenewables have announced a tidal industry record of18MWh over a continuous 24hrs which matches that of established offshore wind turbines for the first time. The turbine is based in the waters off Orkney and has extra-large blades increasing yield by 50%.

There seems to be no end to good news about Scotland’s renewable energy sector, all of which reinforces the prediction of 100% by 2030 made earlier.

Scotland’s energy 100% renewable by 2030?


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