Scottish Government’s ‘Community Justice’ system reduces re-conviction rates dramatically to below half of those in England

Re-conviction rates have been falling steadily in Scotland since the introduction of greater use of community service especially for those serving less that 12 months and for young offenders. The overall Scottish re-conviction rate for 2014/2015 was 28.2% while in England, in 2015/2016 it was 60%!

The statistics also show that offenders released from a custodial sentence had a higher likelihood of re-offending than those finishing Community Service.

For under 18 year-olds the re-conviction rate in England is a staggering 68%. According to the Scottish report a major element in the overall fall has been driven by decreases in reconviction of those under 25. For those under 21, the reconviction rate was 35.3%. The Scottish data do not separate out those under 18 to allow direct comparison with the English figure.
Justice Secretary Michael Matheson said:

‘These figures show we are continuing to make good progress on tackling re-offending – a key goal of this government’s justice strategy…..This is further evidence to back up our position that robust community sentences, particularly CPOs, are more effective at reducing re-offending than short custodial sentences.’


Reconviction Statistics 2014-15

Reconviction Statistics 2014-15 statistical release page 2


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