Still too close to call: Support for Scottish Independence continues to hold, contrary to the headlines.

Today’s BMG/Herald poll is headlined in the Herald as:

‘Independence support fails to rise after Theresa May’s vote snub’

The other mainstream media outlets are all saying the same thing and they’re all making the same two mistakes.

First, is there any evidence that Scots believe Westminster can really stop us holding a referendum, properly monitored and declaring independence on a positive outcome? Do any of us feel snubbed? We all know that the international community would make it impossible for them to refuse us. So, the fact that it’s holding steady, after three years, in the shortest of striking distances, calls for a different kind of headline, I’d say:

‘Anxiety in Westminster as support for independence holds steady and the result is too close to call even before campaigning begins.’

Second, here are the figures:

‘Excluding those who haven’t yet made up their mind, that puts support for independence at 49 per cent, and 51 per cent in favour of the Union.’

Right at the end of the article an SNP spokesman gets a chance to say:

‘This latest poll again shows a dead heat between Yes and No and that’s before the potential re-election of an extremist Conservative government and its devastating Hard-Brexit agenda. With the potential for more years of tax cuts for the rich, attacks on the disabled, horrific policies such as the Rape Clause and huge cuts to essential public services, all of which Scotland did not vote for, it is essential that the people of Scotland can choose between this nightmare and putting our own future in our hands with independence.’

 Reading the above and getting to start the race from this position, I have no fears.


4 thoughts on “Still too close to call: Support for Scottish Independence continues to hold, contrary to the headlines.

  1. Clydebuilt April 25, 2017 / 8:38 am

    John good article. Re the council elections and the STV voting system . The SNP voting advice is simply vote SNP 1 & 2 and that’s it.
    The Tories have worked out how to damage the SNP by voting Tory first, voting for all other parties with SNP last. Re Murdo Frazzle
    Top Indy bloggers other than this esteemed organ (WoS, WeeGD, Etc) have advised Yessers to “Vote till you Boak”
    Pro Indy blogs and The National have a limited audience. Think the SNP have missed a trick with this one. A rise in Tory vote share at council elections will not help the SNP weeks later at the GE.


  2. Irvine April 25, 2017 / 8:09 pm

    As an Indy supporter I regret to have to say that in the run up to the Council elections in Edinburgh the Tories appear far more organised and on the ball than the SNP whose campaigning efforts and leaflets so far appear to be amaterish and missing hitting the Tories where it hurts by a mile. Their abject failure to inform indy supporters to vote until you boak will, I fear, cost the SNP dear on 4 May.

    There is however still time for SNP leadership to get their act together before the UKGE in June so they don’t blow it as well.


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