SNP Supporters identify more with Norway than Britain

©  I missed this yougov poll at the time, in 2014, stumbled across it again today and thought you might be interested in it. Even then, SNP supporters were identifying more strongly with Norway than with the rest of Britain. After another three years of Tory austerity, I suspect that the identification with Norway rather than Britain might be stronger. To be precise, they were saying:

‘Scotland is more similar to Norway than it is to anywhere else in Europe – including the rest of the UK.’

30% of SNP supporters agreed with the above while only 3% of Tory supporters and 9% of Labour supporters agreed. It’s interesting that any did, don’t you think? Here’s a graph giving the full detail:

The survey didn’t really explore why so many SNP supporters might think this. My guess is that it had more to do with a shared approval of greater equality, collectivism and care for the weak than with Norwegians’ earlier fondness for rape, pillage and plunder. When you think of it, 1st Millennium Norwegian or Viking preferences for the latter behaviour might make them a better match for some of the London financiers, corporate executives, Tory MPs and, of course, some English football fans. Actually, many of the other countries listed are also less unequal and more collectivist than the UK so the overall figure for those not identifying with Britain may be revealing too – 80%?


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