Good News: Liam Fox has become English

© Liam Fox

From Liam Fox MP on 21 April 2017:

 ‘Dr Fox: English goods are ‘in demand’ across the world. As Saint George’s Day approaches this weekend, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has celebrated the international demand for quintessential English food and drink around the world…. From strawberries and cream to cheddar cheese and gin, typically English products are proving popular internationally.’

As it goes on, the report written I know by London-based admin staff but approved by Liam, we see the definitive sign of Englishness – the conflation of it and Britishness. There is, of course, his new pride in St George, too. He is, of course, MP for North Somerset (Cheddar!) so I doubt he’s ever coming back to Scotland. Hip hip……

You might remember reading:

‘Record year for food and drink exports’

In this, I report that the total Scottish food and drinks exports figure for 2016 was £1.5 billion with around 25% of all UK food and drinks exports being Scotch. Liam’s team come up with

Strawberries               £900 thousand

Cheddar Cheese          £229 million

UK Gin                         £474 thousand

Leaving aside the fact that most UK Gin is now produced in Scotland and a little suspicion that the strawberries might not all be English, all they can manage is around £230 million compared to the Scottish £1.5 billion.

Dr Liam is quoted as saying:

‘As we celebrate St George’s day, it’s clear that many other countries around the world will also be enjoying delicious and typically English food and drink.’

Do the English even celebrate St George’s Day? Maybe converts are more into it?


2 thoughts on “Good News: Liam Fox has become English

  1. daibhidhdeux April 23, 2017 / 11:56 am

    Turning bourgeois English?

    He really thinks so.

    Bwahahahaha to him and his Scotch gin, the comparatively small export figures et al.

    Again, bwahahahaha:)


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