‘Oil firms in boost for Scottish economy’

Reporting in Energy Voice yesterday, this is just catching up on the numerous reports already out there. See:

Oil predicted to settle at $60 to $70 per barrel over next three years!

‘Oil Market Rebalancing, Demand Expected to Rise’ One reason for Yes next time.

At least this piece in Energy Voice yesterday attributes the impending boost to the Scottish and not to the UK economy.

The writer even refers to a: significant improvement in the prospects of oil and gas service companies has boosted the Scottish financial and business services sector this year, according to new research.’

The report also points to encouraging growth in the manufacturing and financial sectors. Strangely, it suggests decline in tourism yet other recent reports point to last year being a record year. See:

Visitors to Scotland’s historic sites surge by 470 000 to reach more than 4.5 million, breaking all records, in only 11 months!

Consumer demand is down but isn’t that a good thing for our GDP?



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